Diary entry 12

Dear diary,

I’m writing,finally,from my bed in hostel.Just reached today-had a whole night of journey and couldn’t sleep or even lie down till way after 3 p.m.And now even after having slept for 3 or 4 hours,my whole body aches.Yeah,I know I need more rest-a whole night sleep . . .  .


My first day back here(actually 2nd day of session-yeah I’m late again :p)-the weather was so great-light and gentle breeze,a little rain and the sweet smell of dirt and everything over grown………..I felt like closing my eyes and taking in all the fragrances-lying on the over grown grass and stare on nothing in particular,I felt like life itself-raw and beautiful!

Confrontation with hostel warden went well and the usually horrible,troll of a woman was in a very good mood today-so got off easily 🙂

My new and most feared discovery today-my university server has blocked Faceook and Youtube (how am I gonna live O.o ?)

Someone once said-there are ways to get around things-flaws and loop holes-you have to find what works for you the best.Well,of course I’m using hostel net temporarily-until i get enough time to go and get my usb modem recharged.until then . . . . KILL ME!!!

Anyway,I have to hop now but will share all the interesting things learn in psychology this semester.And I’ll try to keep you posted because its you and me-alone and together-like a family!

No,I’m not going to think about home right now or the nostalgia won’t leave me alone.And before exactly “that” happens-

Its chao from my side!!!

P.S:don’t take the  bold letters seriously.