the big F

I’m not new here but I’m still getting the hang of it.Its been a year or more since I first started this blog but due to my own negligence and sometimes due to lack of time initially I rarely wrote here.Which means I  rarely got any stats to brag about or any hits on the blog.But back then I didn’t even think that there would be anything like following or stats or followers.What was on my mind when I created this blog-well I had a lot of raw passion that easily shaped itself into words and often when I’d read those words later,they would touch my own heart.This lead me into believing-I can write.Yeah,I’m not perfect but neither was I looking for perfection then nor am I now.I just needed to get everything out because when I had something to say,it was difficult to keep it to myself .Since I couldn’t shut up,I needed a better way to get my opinion before others.Thats what I do.I feel and I write.But I do so now more to placate my inner rage;to keep me sane.

Only in some recent months when I started regularly posting,I came to know about the stats,screen hits,notifications and other great things that wordpress provides its writers with(though I’d totally like to design a theme for my blog according to my own mood-only if I knew how…….*sigh*).

Only recently people started to visit,like and on some rare occasions post a comment or push the follow button.The first time I noticed an “F” letter on my notification bar,my heat skipped a beat.

OH GOD!my first failure!

Yeah that’s exactly what I thought without even checking what my notifications.You totally had me there wordpress folks 😀 but I was ecstatic when I found out that it wasn’t some sign of failure,it was simply a notification telling me that someone started following my blog.(By the way,did I thank you people for liking or following or commenting or even sparing enough time to come at least visit my blog?Spare my manners please-I’m not proud of them either.)

Thank you all =D

I really appreciate your coming here.Gives me hope-rekindles the extinguishing fire in me and compels me to keep on writing.

The “F” letter still has the heart numbing effect sometimes and the star makes me curious,who visited and liked my post and what are their blogs about.

And guess what makes me most happy in the stats-THE COUNTRY STATS-love the little lit areas on the globe in different colours!!!