Diary entry 50

Dear diary,

Its been a busy week. Had to drag myself to Jhelum for the “Nikkah” ceremony of my cousins on Sunday. Then Monday went by (in rest). Tuesday came and my little sister had to go to McDonalds for “Naat competition.” On my mother’s request, the function started with my recitation. The Judge for the competition had a stern face and my little sister was afraid she wont win. As the competition came closer to its end, Mum went to the organizers again. Me and my little sister performed an English  Nasheed by Sami Yousaf.

Time for the announcement of winners and the first position goes to ME and my little sister!

(And I wasnt even a part of competition).

Mum was so excited, so was the teacher from my ex-school. So by the end of evening, we took two prizes home 😉

Now mum wants me to teach her some more stuff for all the competitions to come, before I head back Hostel.

Dear diary,I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post more often this week. Thanks to dear WAPDA for taking light for 5 hours in one stretch 🙂

Gotta run!




Diary entry 6

Dear diary,
I just burnt my finger today, got dragged to an Iftar party and I just got free,at last!I was planning to write a whole account-and I didn’t want to call you any nasty names WAPDA JERKS,but believe me you’ve earned it today- and the power breakdown again!!!
Great!now I’ll just have to wait for power to come back and then post this.
In case you’re wondering which JUNGLE am I currently inhabiting-WELCOME TO PAKISTAN!!!
Yeah,I know I made it sound like I’m cursing my country.On the contrary,what I mean to tell you is that if you want to enjoy the true nature,or experience a little stone-age,we are certainly going towards it.So you are welcome to tag along!
Argghhh . . . . . . .this isn’t what I meant to write-but then again WAPDA is a mood destroyer!
’till next time-