My life,my decisions

I have this feeling today,this life of mine is a fairytale without a prince charming,a step mother and stepsisters,without wicked witches and a fairy godmother.In short i live in this story of my own with no climax.yeah,I’m bored,I’m disturbed,distressed,unhappy,sometimes too happy,but that’s about it.nothing special,nothing out of ordinary!

Tonight is one of those nights when my heart suffers so endlessly,when it cries of no fathomable reason,when it feels so alone and lonely. Let me assure you I’m not alone-literally,neither am I a loner.I used to think that I’m good at being nobody,when I wish to.I’m good to move with the flow of the world. But now I’ve realized that probably I’m not! I think I’m one of those people who can’t hold their tongue when they have something valid to say. Who don’t back down easily,who are courageous fighters. Yeah I am a person who would never except life as it is. I believe,no one could chalk my ways better than me.I don’t want someone else to write my life for me when I could write it better on my own,and I won’t even accept any such favour.

“thanks,but no thanks.”