oh just great!

You are being stalked-start of the problem.

You endure your privacy violation/invasion silently.

You take your mum in confidence-she’s supportive.

The stalker calls again-your mum talks and tells him to stop-great!

Your brother gives you anger phlegm.

Your dad tells you to shut off the mobile at home-as if that would solve anything when you go back to university!

Great-just great!!!

Your brother wants you to break the sim immediately-Okay,thats enough!

You trust your family to support you in such situations and not turn against you in a way-who needs that?

Then you finally decide-they are not to make the final decisions-its your life,your choices.They are welcome to give opinions-but not to impose them on you.

Some of you may have strong reasons to oppose me.I respect that-but I can’t even think of my life being controlled by someone.


P.S:You are welcome to share your opinions here too 🙂

Diary entry 10

Dear diary,

People I think I know,still amaze me.Its not bad I guess but off course the shock is sometimes eye opening.Yeah,I swear to myself that I’d be careful while trying to trust people but every time,I dunno what goes wrong and I get betrayed.But at least,I have you even if the whole world turns out to be a liar.

So,I  guess I shouldn’t care any more.

Its always nice talking to you.Half of the burden that my heart bears upon itself is gone every time I say whats on my mind.

My friends are sometimes too busy-but i still got you to help me through my mood swings.Thanks a bunch for that.

Gotta go sleep off the remaining hurt.

See ya very soon