diary entry 34

Dear diary,

I need to study management for an assignment and quiz but power is out for an hour. I was drawing the curtain when my sick Kenyan roommate stopped me. She needed to be warm and I wasn’t helping. I told her that I have to study. She fell quiet. Now I feel so bad that I closed the curtains and decided to wait for the light to come back.

Last night was one amazing night. I talked to someone who knew me from my childhood. A van fellow. So many memories came back flooding. It was like reliving those days. We used to play a game in which a team of girls would compete against the guys of my van. We each had to give a letter to other team and they had to sing a song starting with that letter. A solid hour would pass in that game before my stop and still we all wanted to keep going every day.

I remember, narrating Harry Potter novel to my fellows, singing Titanic theme song on the way home and in summer we used to fill our water bottles and throw water on van driver and whoever sat in front seat with him. But nothing can compare the joy of sitting on the roof of the van 😉 (Yeah, I used to do that too!)


It was one helluva time we spent, an adventurous childhood, even the thought of which is enough to spread smile across our faces.

Well, thanks to the person who helped me relive those moments.


(This one is for management!)

Time myself in my book.



Diary entry 20

Dear diary,
Last week,I had 4 days off from university,so me and my roommate decided to take a very long walk(which lasted 03;30 hours).I woke up that night with an aching body,tried to sleep again but I could feel I was burning up.Not a good sign,I knew.The next thing I knew,I was down with temperature and a sore throat.
Well,all the holiday spirit went down the drain.Days went by and I slept more than 12 hours everyday.Before I knew it,my holidays were up.I looked like a character from the “Dawn of the dead.”And I do eat brains of my close ones too-ask my friends 😀

(not literally-it would be “ewww”…………….)

What the hell am I trying to prove here???!!!


Ahem,I guess a side-effect of being partly sick.Yeah-Its going to take me some time to adjust with the reality of the world around me.

….and with all those dark circles around my eyes,I still look like a “Zombie”
(a cute one though :p no arguing allowed there 😉 )

I have the most persistent and stubborn throat problem.And between my presentations and lots of classes that practically fry my brains,I’m still recovering.
I planned to go to my aunt’s place today,but didn’t,don’t ask why.I dunno,whats with me!
And now,I’m feeling extremely alone AGAIN!!!.
Just saw “Titanic” after almost a decade and my emotions are sinking like that ship right now.So I guess,this bad feeling is partly because of that movie.
I dunno…….
I guess,I should go.