Diary Entry 71

Wing Chun Ad

Wing Chun Ad (Photo credit: Apreche)

Dear diary,

                     My exams are over.Actually they ended three days back but I’ve been kinda wasting my time since then.Sometimes overwhelmed by things around me,sometimes wanting to throw temper tantrums on people,on the other times too soft at heart,almost breakable.Anyway,I have no idea why I put writing here off for so long.Its always a relief to be able to share with you.I’m still in hostel for Youth Club summer camp and Martial Arts classes.I despise every second of my stay here,before the classes actually start.Then I enjoy to my fullest.Its like finally having a purpose in life and going after my life’s biggest passion-learning self-defense.Yes, I’m going to call it self defense because you know me,I never pick up a fight.

I’m torn between wanting to stay and learn Wing Chun Kung-fu or go home and be with my family.Its difficult to decide what its gonna be.For now I’m staying.I’ll go to my aunt’s place,hey,that’s my home too!

Between you and me,dear diary,I’ve started to actually socialize a little bit.I’ve found some nice,some diplomatic,some irritating and some worth loving people around me.One thing that pisses me off about some of them is their overt probing and gossip loving attitudes.I hate gossips,so I’d rather die of boredom than sit with them and go insane.So this is life at my end,extremely boring like a history book without any pictures.

At times I want to break free of all this.But we both know,I’m not going anywhere!At least not yet 😉

I better go back to my boring routine.Hope to see you soon again.


Martial Arts

Martial Arts (Photo credit: Tom Gill.)