Diary entry 69

Dear diary,

The whole past week has been peculiar and amazing.One of my fantasies came true.I walked with bare feet from Female campus gate to my hostel room,and loved it 🙂 yeah,I know it’s a weird fantasy.But hey,I have every right to think like a dork!

Anyway,I had to make the ad project for Mass Communication in one night and still the teacher and my whole class loved it! So,I guess it was a happy ending for me. Finals start on Tuesday.I hope they end well too,because I feel as if I’m not ready in the least for the finals.

We had a party with our Anthropology teacher that I’m so glad I didn’t miss.It was so fun!

Some bad things happened too,but why waste my time in describing them when so many happy moments came in to my life.

Anyway,its time for dinner.

Hope to come back soon,again



Diary entry 62

International Islamic University, Islamabad

International Islamic University, Islamabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear diary,

I came back on Tuesday. It was kinda fun but tiresome journey. There was this nice random stranger with her daughter sitting in the front with me who was a total chatter box. But this is one of the best things about the people of my city. It’s so easier to talk to them. They are so friendly that in a very short time it feels like you’ve known them forever. That lady was somewhere near my own age I guess, married for 3 years and had a one year old in her arms.
We had to wait on Gas station for practically 2 hours but I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

When I finally left the stop and started to walk to my university, I was praying in my heart for some help because my Hip joint started hurting again. That’s when I heard a male voice behind me.

“Excuse me sister, are you going to International Islamic University?” he asked.
“Yeah” I replied.

“Can I help you with your luggage?”

Inside I was so happy on my prayers being answered. But I have to admit I wasn’t hoping for a male to come to my aid.

Anyway, I gave him one bag. He asked for more. So I handed him another. We started walking in silence, me beside him but keeping my distance.

After some distance he broke the silence.”Are you coming from your home?”


“Where from?”



“Which department are you from?”


Silence again……

Then we entered the university gate. It was me this time who broke the silence.”Which department are you from?”

Shariah and Law, it’s my last semester.”

“Which semester are you in?”

“My fourth semester just started.” I replied.

By this time we were near Female Campus gate. So I said

Jazakallah Khairan (May Allah give you a better reward. For his help, off course.)”

And we parted ways. That’s all I know about the person(I haven’t been able to thank him properly). But there is a special corner of respect for him in my heart. My mum on the other hand didn’t agree with me (I don’t care at this point. Though, I dunno why it made me a little angry. Maybe because she didn’t trust my judgment. Dunno) but she was so eager to know what he looked like (for God’s sake Mama!!!)

Anyway, this is something along with some other happenings in the past that make me hopeful. I mean, it’s good to know that people still have some good left in them. And I’m more than willing to see that ray of good in them and ignore the faults.

I’m alone in the room once again. One roommate is gone home and other one just left for some sight seeing or whatever she does when she stays out all night.

Time to eat something and to take my medicines.


Psychologists:a secret unveiled.

If you are a psychologist or are training to one,at some point you would get to listen comments like:Psychologists become psycho themselves.Yesterday,we discussed the reason of this notion in class with our educational psychology teacher.She said-the best way to avoid people judging you like this is-NEVER use psychology on your near and dear ones.Because they are the ones who later become the source of such opinions.

While studying about methods of data collection she told:While taking an interview from the patient,you have to keep your face expressionless because even a slight change of your facial expression can make your subject reluctant to share any more or it can make them conceal important details.

So,now I understand why all the teachers in my department have such serious and blunt look about their faces 😉

Oops!the topic said “A” secret!And here I was about to write a third thing.

Of course there would be more but later 🙂