Diary entry 11

Dear diary,
Its been days since my last word.I’ve been through a couple of hard times in this silent time of mine,some serious and some just frustrating.Anyway,I’ve packed for my journey,all set and I’m more than ready to go back.Seeing my enthusiasm,you’d think either I love my studies too much or I hate my home-well,nothing is true in my case.I just get tired of a routine thats all.If I don’t get changes in life from time to time,I get bored,then frustrated and then nearly insane in the end.But like I said before-you are my one connection to sanity-and its true to its core.
how I wish my life never stops moving-how I wish someone would let me try the life of a gypsy for some time.But then the time would be void of your presence.And now that I’ve got you,I’d never want to lose you.

Couldn’t sleep whole night-anxiety I guess.
I’d better try and get some sleep-have  a long journey ahead 🙂