I tried asking my heart,
Why it loves you so much?!
How could someone so different,
Have such a spellbinding touch?
Why a single bruise on you
Makes my eyes to flow in streams?
Why the thought of losing you,
Scares me in my dreams?
And a day without seeing you,
Is a day spent being so obsessed.
My days seem dark, my nights so messed.
Your hurt is my pain, your smile, my cure.
Its love,my love, of that I’m sure.
At sight of your pretty face,
Unruly, my heartbeats often race.
Why exercise such control,
Why do you have me whole?
My body, my mind, my spirit and soul.
My heart smiled, and said oh silly gal,
In love, you don’t choose to fall.
Love chooses you instead.
Opens your heart, defies your head.
And when finally, inside it resides,
Eyes tell the things you try to hide.
Love got to you, it’s molten your ice.
Love’s never survived without sacrifice.

how can I be like them?

I silently cried and found myself in a reassuring embrace.

I looked into your eyes and saw concern.

You didn’t ask what bothered me,

I was never the one to tell.

For sometimes its beyond words

if you are living in an earthly hell.

You stayed with me till I calmed down.

Eyes questioning and a silent tongue.

I need to know what made you cry,

who?how and why?

A silent tear escaped again,

Won’t say a word ’till,control,I gain.

I’m nestling a broken heart.

I can’t help but think,

how could I ever be like them?

those who die in Allah’s path.

Who sacrifice their lives everyday.

When my days are filled with joys,

They suffer the pain,lose their families;

Ask for help and are rejected.

How can I ever be compared with them?

When I sleep sound at night

and they live in fear of dying every moment.

When i feel down,someone’s there to cheer me up.

while their children die-burnt and butchered,

the least I can do is pray.

Oh my Muslim brothers and sisters,

I feel your pain like my own.

I wish I could do more for you-

wish I could end this all!

P.S:Couldn’t sleep all night due to flashbacks of images of Muslims of Burma and due to Surah Burooj playing again and again in my mind.May the souls of the dead rest in peace and may the unjust have the retribution of their deeds soon.Allah,you are our only hope!