Diary entry 48

English: Muzaffarabad at night.

Muzaffarabad at night.

Dear diary,
Attempted my 2nd last exam today,went great Alhamdulillah.One more to go and I would be off to Muzaffarabad with Dad and brother. I just wish it all to be over(even this little trip to this city),I miss mum and my little sister.

Management paper please don’t scare the hell outta me,I beg you!

God!I’m tired.

May God save the Queen (yet again).

Gotta go offer Salah and the dear bed,hither I come!


Diary entry 46

English: A view from Islamabad, Pakistan from ...

English: A view from Islamabad, Pakistan from Daman-e-koh hill point (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear diary,
Today’s been one helluva day. My little brother came to Islamabad on school trip. I was planning to meet him at the place where they planned to stop for lunch. So I took my roommate with me and we were in “Blue Area”,Islamabad around 03:50 pm. Just when the trip people were about to depart from “Daman E Koh“, a student went missing. There wasn’t any answer on from his cell.Search parties were made and sent all over the area. For more than 3 hours there was no sign of him. Everyone was so stressed out,female teachers crying,children afraid….well me and my roommate,praying all the while doing some “window shopping.”Around 06:30 pm “Rangers team” was summoned and they tried once more. The school principal ordered the in charge to start the journey back home with 168 of 169 students. Lucky for everyone,just as they were about to depart,the child himself called in.What happened was, while climbing the mountain trail, he was left a little behind and slipped, fell off the marked trail and hit his head, remained unconscious for two hours. When he gained conscious,he started to climb the trial, thinking that his friends were still there. Finding no one there,he contacted them and was found and taken to their transport.So,after almost 5 hours of roaming around “Blue Area”, eating “Savour food” and window shopping, my brother came to the place. Met him there,gave him his and my little sister’s b’day gifts, talked to his in charge teachers and finally said my goodbye.
Finally I’m back,tired but happy 🙂
He’s on his way and so would I this Wednesday or Thursday.

(In Sha Allah!)

Buildings in Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad...

Buildings in Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gotta go ‘n’ offer my Salah now.