Go get a life people!!!

Looking at me,some people see a stern,proud and serious face most of the time(I’m not proud or stern in the least,this I assure you.).Yeah,I have a face-and its the not-so-serious-face too but I just don’t get why all people see is pride and seriousness in it.Yeah,I get it,I may not be in my best mood most of the time-though this isn’t true but still lets say for the argument’s sake that I’m in a crappy mood,but does it give you open permission to judge me huh???!!!

You may be amazed-what happened to her so suddenly-its not sudden at all.A cousin of mine endlessly taunts me about being proud-and it has gone from annoying to enraging!.I did ask him what his problem is-nicely at first,heatedly afterwards-but to no avail.Now,I’m getting used to the idea-SOME PEOPLE ARE ALIVE JUST TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A HELL!!!Just because they think you are awesome and better than ’em,they would hate you!

What disturbed me was that without even actually knowing me,he was so judgmental.

I know,I don’t talk much in crowds or when my elders are around.But I’m life of the party when with my friends and my most cousins.Just because I’m fierce in dealing with things that are wrong and people (kinda)fear my rage,doesn’t mean I’m the most rude entity on the face of earth.It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get a chance to know me.


And at last,to those jerks who try to judge me without actually trying to know me better first-you think I’m proud,SO BE IT!!!WOW-jealous much???!!!

I don’t care anymore!!!And yeah,I’d call a spoon a lolly-pop if I want to.Nothing I do or show is any of your business.In a toss if I say upon head I win and upon tail you lose,best not to argue-you ain’t winning.So,either you accept me the way I am,or get the hell outta my life.I’d live the way I want to-nothing you say or do can change that.