Diary Entry 122

Dear Diary,
I’m visiting my aunt’s place again. Seems like most of the time of this semester,I will be spending with her naughty,chatterbox kids. But I have come to love them so dearly. And we kinda,have grown closer. Even their little cousins look up to me and talk so animatedly with me. Yeah,the number of people who have started to take me as their role model is increasing day by day,even after me telling people not to do so. God save the Queen! I mean,taking me as a role model is kinda asking for trouble. I’m not that good a person. Ask people who have come to hate me or feel threatened by me. Yes,such people exist and they are increasing in number day by day. And whats even a bigger shocker is that they don’t even actually know me. Isn’t it great?! 😀 :/ Well,not really. I mean,I have awakened feelings of hatred or insecurity in people I don’t even know. And that too without trying.
So much has happened in these 3 past months. I met some very nice people and some tough loves 😉 I went for an unofficial kinda internship in CMH Sialkot and enjoyed every single moment of it. My Supervisor,a Psychologist and Captain by post, I have come to love her for her beautiful and helping personality. Working in the field,I actually came to care more for my patients than I thought possible. But being objective is so very much important. We, as professionals can’t become crutches for our patients. The occasional shoulder to cry on(metaphorically speaking),is okay. But the concentration MUST be on making them capable to stand on their own feet again. Yeah,well,that’s the tough part. Most patients have chances of becoming dependent on their therapists. We’ll,I’m sure I will learn to avoid that from happening.
I taught Tajweed to almost 25 people at home and had an excellent result alhamdulillah. My chest swells with pride when I listen to them read Qur’an so beautifully. I learned 2 Surahs(i-e Chapters) of Qur’an and half portion of another one. Yup,I’m so happy about it ^_^
Well,since I came back,so much has happened. From crappy moods over the worst timetable ever to discovering that I’m page admin for a womanizer in making…..you name it! But since I stopped caring, I have been a lot more happier with my life. And I have been demoted to editor status from manager of IIUI Memes. But that’s more than okay with me.
Sometimes, I feel like I should’ve been a breakup therapist. I dunno how,but people seem to cross paths with me,more often than not,while trying to deal with their post-breakup downs. And guess what,I’m always happy to help.
A girl from occupied Kashmir,contacted me after reading my blog posts. Its nice to sometimes see my readers ACTUALLY trying to talk to me back. Its so refreshing and I always look forward to it 😀
Oh,and before I go,I would like to get one a little bit more off my chest.
“A liar always sees liars in every person he sees or meets. While a positive person always sees positivity around him. What you chose to become is what you see in others.”
Anyway,I must go now.
Its so awesome to be able to write once again.
I always miss the feel!

Gutentag for now 😉

Go get a life people!!!

Looking at me,some people see a stern,proud and serious face most of the time(I’m not proud or stern in the least,this I assure you.).Yeah,I have a face-and its the not-so-serious-face too but I just don’t get why all people see is pride and seriousness in it.Yeah,I get it,I may not be in my best mood most of the time-though this isn’t true but still lets say for the argument’s sake that I’m in a crappy mood,but does it give you open permission to judge me huh???!!!

You may be amazed-what happened to her so suddenly-its not sudden at all.A cousin of mine endlessly taunts me about being proud-and it has gone from annoying to enraging!.I did ask him what his problem is-nicely at first,heatedly afterwards-but to no avail.Now,I’m getting used to the idea-SOME PEOPLE ARE ALIVE JUST TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A HELL!!!Just because they think you are awesome and better than ’em,they would hate you!

What disturbed me was that without even actually knowing me,he was so judgmental.

I know,I don’t talk much in crowds or when my elders are around.But I’m life of the party when with my friends and my most cousins.Just because I’m fierce in dealing with things that are wrong and people (kinda)fear my rage,doesn’t mean I’m the most rude entity on the face of earth.It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get a chance to know me.


And at last,to those jerks who try to judge me without actually trying to know me better first-you think I’m proud,SO BE IT!!!WOW-jealous much???!!!

I don’t care anymore!!!And yeah,I’d call a spoon a lolly-pop if I want to.Nothing I do or show is any of your business.In a toss if I say upon head I win and upon tail you lose,best not to argue-you ain’t winning.So,either you accept me the way I am,or get the hell outta my life.I’d live the way I want to-nothing you say or do can change that.