Diary Entry: Still Very Much in Love

Dear diary,
I have joined Lahore Garrison University, a place I dreamt of being at, as soon as I came to know it existed. I am on my way to become a Clinical Psychologist. I’m so happy ever since I came here. It’s as if my life has an actual purpose now. I’m finally interested in actual studies. I can finally say I’m content.
My life here in Lahore and my life generally has taken a big twist. Okay, I knew I was much more than I ever let people see in Islamic Uni, but the way I am now, it’s got even me surprised. I’m the new CR for my class, I’m a whole lot social and chatty, even with the people I hardly know. I actually joke around with teachers and participate in class discussions more than perhaps my whole class does, when combined. I’m more confident than I was ever before. I’m not afraid of messing up anymore. This new found confidence is intoxicating. All this positivity, it’s made my life better, happier. I enjoy every single moment of it! Oh, and I have grown busier. CMH in the mornings classes in the evenings.
But you know what hasn’t changed?! My heart. It still aches for a person I still can’t have. In between my elated and euphoric moods, there comes a day or two, every now and then, that brings me sadness and negativity all over again. And even after being so aware of what I am and what I can be, what I can accomplish, I still have that single day that tries to bring me down. And since I don’t have any other reason to loathe myself, my heart fabricates one very convenient one. Because my love is an unrequited one, I start big on self doubting. Maybe I don’t deserve him. Maybe He’s too good for me.
Then comes the stage when I establish, that I’m totally as worth being happy in my life, as the next person. And he’s not too good for me. Once my heart is settled on this fact, I start thinking maybe he thinks I’m not worthy enough to deserve him, which is just a pathetic way of self torture and destruction. And then I have no way of denying that, so I go a little more downward on my self-doubting ride. Then time for a sudden uplift comes. My little sisters come in handy at this stage. They keep telling me he’s a fool for not realizing my worth and that I deserve better than him. And that I’m not the one who doesn’t deserve him, he’s the one who doesn’t deserve me. Which works even though I don’t actually agree. And when they are not around, I take solace in praying to Allah and asking Him to take the love of that person out of my heart and replace it with the person’s love who would be mine and is right for me. And if I have, by some mistake, stumbled upon the right person and currently he resides in my heart, make things easier for me then.
I would be blunt, I would tell him that I’m someone who prided myself in not being a believer of before marriage love. I love my parents so much that I wouldn’t ever dare to cause them pain by betraying them and falling for someone. He would have to be some extra special entity to have made me fall for him, head over heels. And he totally is! If only he’d know. If only he’d let me confess without cutting me off…. If only I could tell him, I accidentally made him my worst weakness and that I’m not interested in a futile relationship. I’m better than that. And yes, I dream but I’m not totally naive. I’m not looking for a temporary, illegal fix for my insanity. The idea of him not being mine and some other lass having him, its hard on my nerves. If I was capable of irrational emotions, I would totally hate the 3rd person. I don’t want to like her but I can’t hate her because I don’t even know her. And even if I did, I wouldn’t hate her for being the centre of affection of the person I love.
Grrrrrrr…… I’m in such a deep emotional mess! And all because I dared to dream. No, I’m never going to be sorry for taking a chance and trying to dream. I won’t apologize for being hopeful and I won’t kill myself for nit being enough.
Guess, I still talk too much >_< But it’s late and I have a sick body to take care if and of course have work in the morning.
See you ASAP.


Things That I Know To Be True……

*Fighting depression isn’t easy. I came to know it the hard way! Tears are even harder to stop when they want to get out. I know it because it’s my job to know. And it’s something I undergo, on most normal days now. A psychologist, fighting Depression, have you ever heard that before? But Psychologists are people too, very much alive, sensitive to environment and emotions. Psychologists get depressed too. I know because I’m going through it right now.
*I know that Allah is my biggest help against everything negative I feel. He is the only sincere friend who will stay by my side even if the whole world decides to turn against me. I trust Him to help.
*I know that bad times will go away as swiftly as they came. And that I’m strong enough to wait a little longer to get better. I deserve as much to be saved as the next person. Nobody can save me except ME, and I’m on it already!
*I know that “She” is still infatuated with him and he doesn’t deserve her. But she still asks for him when it rains,when she prays, when she’s sad and needs a hug, when her demons become bigger than the ones she’s capable to fight-when she needs her knight in shiny armor, during her journeys, at night, in the morning…..


*I know, running or playing with the kids helps relieve stress and so does singing on the top of my lungs. I need to do that more often.
*The things that I know to have helped me during my stress:
>playing with children
>singing(nasheeds or songs)
>Recitation of Qur’an
>talking to my friends
>helping others
>lying down in my room in complete silence and thinking nothing
>closing my eyes and thinking about things that make me happy.
>teaching Qur’an to my students.
>listening to recitation.
>challenging myself
>the thought that things are going to change
>Oh, the rare chances of practicing my driving.
>knowing that I still have some sincere people in my life.
>reading, sometimes
>my teddy bear
>going home and getting a hug from my mum and little sister
>my little brother’s humor
>planning for a friends reunion….
*I have know it to be true….. that if you want to change your situation, nature helps you to do it. My environment helped me a LOT. And the thought that “I’m stronger than my problems,” and the ayah from Surah Baqarah(2:285) that says that Allah doesn’t put more burden on His servants than they can bear, these two things kept me from crumbling down and shut down my self-destruct mode that depression switched on.
* When I started writing this post I was under a full blown depressive episode and Migraine attack. And as I finish it today(after a break of almost a week or perhaps more), I am more stable and I haven’t had migraine since yesterday.
*I know for sure,that if depression couldn’t break me,and it did try;it can’t break anyone. We do that to ourselves-all that breaking and collapsing. I know I love myself and I love to be happy,so I try to be. Being positive is the key. My depression made me more determined and stubborn. Instead of breaking me, it made me even stronger!
*I know, if I can manage to defeat it, so can anyone and everyone else who is suffering from this plague!