My Life Without You

What’s my life without you,my love?
I wonder as I lie here,gazing stars
Nothing catches my interest anymore
Days are void of happiness,
Nights;vacant,lonely and I’m a mess
As I sail upon these uneven waters
I wonder when our sufferings will end
Open barriers,flowing,swollen eyes
I want to be the man I am,I try
To let my folks know the truth about us
But as I look upon their faces
My resolve dissolves and I despair
The stars,the nature,the seas,the shore;
Except you,my heart knows no cure
And peace,it just wont come to me
Until you’re beside me,serene,secure
What crime did I commit,but to love you
Why wont this world just let us be?
I’ve made up my mind,I’ll make you mine
Don’t worry,the help would be divine
Just hold on,be brave,a little more wait
I’ll come for you,soon,I promise……
I’ll do the right thing,for us both.
I’ll be the strength to carry you;
The love you deserve,support you need
For what’s my life without you,my love…..?

Mr.Stalker/s. . . . . .with tantrums,Me!

I think someone is stalking me.Every month(give or take 1 or 2 months)I receive a call from an unknown number(new number every time).I take it but don’t speak.There’s always a male voice on the other end.And by the way,you know when someone has a purpose of calling and when not.So,every time the person cuts the call,starts texting.
text 1:who’s there?
(you called in,you tell)

text 2:by the way I’m  . . . . . . . . .
(dash filled with a supposed name)

text 3:now you tell who are you?
then countless stupid forwarded texts with philosophies of life and stupid lovey dowey poetry(both things

I happen to hate by the way.)

text number (who knows what):I know who you are!

Ahem,ahem-mind says red alert!!!

Then he tells me my name and where I happen to live and my ex-institute name(thanks to Allah he knows all the old infos-I mean my address and institute changed)

The thing is,all these brats are free or maybe wasting their time in immoral and unethical activities is their favourite sport-I’m not.And I’m not like them-I never would be!They are those who are trying to find girlfriends or just friends who happen to be girls!I HATE even to think about it.

So,Mr.stalker/s you should go and bother those girls who are willing to have boyfriends.If you don’t have any sense of limit,I’m sure,there are plenty of girls out there some where who are just like you.

I don’t like people who act like LEECHES-and thats exactly what you do.When you are told you’re not needed here-It actually and literally means GET LOST!!!

If only killing some people was allowed . . . . .

Pissing me off any more wont do.

With tantrums,