I tried asking my heart,
Why it loves you so much?!
How could someone so different,
Have such a spellbinding touch?
Why a single bruise on you
Makes my eyes to flow in streams?
Why the thought of losing you,
Scares me in my dreams?
And a day without seeing you,
Is a day spent being so obsessed.
My days seem dark, my nights so messed.
Your hurt is my pain, your smile, my cure.
Its love,my love, of that I’m sure.
At sight of your pretty face,
Unruly, my heartbeats often race.
Why exercise such control,
Why do you have me whole?
My body, my mind, my spirit and soul.
My heart smiled, and said oh silly gal,
In love, you don’t choose to fall.
Love chooses you instead.
Opens your heart, defies your head.
And when finally, inside it resides,
Eyes tell the things you try to hide.
Love got to you, it’s molten your ice.
Love’s never survived without sacrifice.

Silent Torture

So many months of silent torture,
A year worth of wait.
What did love bring you?
Mere pain and his hate?!
What have you earned on this way?
Oh dear heart, aloud you must say.
What do you still get out of it?
Your life, on a fire, your true love lit.
Self torture, oh you masochistic heart.
You will stop messing,
If you were ever so smart.
A face you will only see in a picture
Is not going to be a permanent fixture
Why wait and be hopeful,why still care?
Why won’t you let me live? It’s not fair!
And dear mind, what’s wrong with you?
Being left behind, isn’t a feeling that’s new.
Enough with all these questions.
You know I don’t possess their answers.
Quit being so miserable without him.
I know it was true love, not just a whim.
You did whatever you could do.
When would you stop your pursuit?
Let the poor man live in peace.
His happiness may help your pain to ease.
I know you aren’t an artist or a saint,
But a perfect picture of love you did paint.
Romeo and Juliet could never be together.
That’s true love’s picture.

The Walls I Love

I have loved the walls,
I have loved the bricks.
Taking slow poison,
By a needle’s pricks.
Sad as it seems,
I couldn’t come near.
To see the real you,
I was ruled by fear.
Can’t decide though,
Who’s the real fool.
You being so blind,
Or letting my heart rule.
You were never mine to lose
Falling for you, I didn’t choose.
You must be bad,so I’m glad
Having you, the chance I never had.
Passion, pleasure rule my days.
Hard work in love never pays.

The Happy Poem

I wanna learn how to tango 😆
N I wanna play with guns.
I wanna dress like a medieval huntress,
And a like a snow princess.
I wish to read every book written,
Every series and movie I wanna see.
I wish to learn interesting stuff,
And help people in need.
High hopes, raging war inside,
I guess, a Warrior is what I’ll be