Diary entry 65

Dear diary,
My uni has been repainted,there are some new benches to sit and take in the natural beauty. Fresh flowers and beauteous sky with clouds masking the sun. Its exquisite, off course for those who love nature. I’ve tried to  snap some pictures but those pictures never come right. So,I guess I’ll just have to memorize the mesmerizing sunsets and the Mountains of Murree that I see everyday from my room window.
My university is beautiful,there’s no doubt about that, and I’m totally in love with it! But there is something that makes my heart ache. As I was walking from Cafeteria towards my hostel block, I saw litter all over the place marring the beauty of the place. And I remembered the time when I was a school-going. There was a teacher in my van,who once (kinda)scolded a child for throwing pieces of paper on the road from moving van. I won’t say that I haven’t done that as a child myself. But the point is, that day when she said that how bad of us that we make our own city and country dirty. Who would clean our city if we don’t take that responsibility?
That was the turning point for me. And then there came a time when I was the senior most student in my van.When I was in college, I was the one carrying on that one good thing I learned in the past. All the children used to make tease me by saying “Baji’s bag is a dust bin”,because I used to put all the wrappers and junk in my bag to throw in a trash bin later. And I didn’t let anyone else throw the litter on roads and streets. I would take it and put in my bag. Yes I occasionally had to listen to their funny remarks, but I didn’t care in the least. Because if that’s what I had to listen to,in order to do the right thing,exactly that I heard and with patience too.
It breaks my heart to see such grown ups, carelessly throwing litter wherever they go and sit. If you ask me, it’s not the duty of sweepers alone to take care of our mess. How are we ever going to get responsible if we don’t take care of our own actions?
I’m still unable to get the scene out of my head. I better go before it gets way over my head.

Hope to see you soon

Diary entry 17

Dear diary,

I’m glad that my management exam is over.Two more exams to go,then I’d be able to rest properly(hopefully).I have a storyline in my mind and I wanted to write it as soon as possible.Might start working on it this weekend.The winter kinda officially started with the appearance of fog this week,which means the mountains and greenery that I could see through my walk-through window is hard to observe.Talk about bad timings-just when I needed to refresh my mind by looking at nature and feeling alive-the nature became harder to observe(just my luck! *sigh*).

And time for rest is over too.Have a class in 20 minutes.

Gotta go.

The bounties of nature.

Have you ever seen the sky blush like a child’s cheek flushes in the times of happiness?Have you ever heard the stories that the morning breeze whispers to the creatures?

Have you ever witnessed sun playing hide and seek with clouds?Did you ever notice the rain helping the earth to quench its thirst?

I did!And I was amazed by the simple beauty of it all.I remember once reading a hadith of Prophet (SAWW) quoted in Sahih Muslim:

ALLAH is beautiful and loves beauty! 

I don’t know why I had been so blind to the beauties of the nature in the past.Why I didn’t notice anything before?

Allah has put such beauty in even the tiniest thing He created.The examples of His handy work and masterpieces are not hard to find.See the innocence in the eyes of an infant or the delicacy in a newly formed flower blossom,check the intricacies of human mind or the making of your eyes-the colours,shapes and varieties.Put some thoughts to the seasons Allah blessed you with or the metals and precious gems that He made to adorn you.

Then why are we so oblivious?Is this because of the always dissatisfied nature of us humans?

Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?