Once Upon A Time Story……

‘What are you doing gentleman?’ Paulo,the officer in command of the space shuttle asked,puzzled.
‘Well, nothing special to you Sir,but I’m keeping a promise which is a matter of life and death for me.’said he.
The officer was still very much confused but never tried to ask any other question about that matter.’Now do tell me whether you wanna stay here for an eternity? If I’m not mistaken, you know it very well that our mission here; on moon has been completed from past an hour and we need to get back to earth as soon as possible.But you seem to be struck with some kind of “lunar-lunatic virus”.I don’t see any point in wandering on moon surface, tapping the ground from time to time. What you really are up to?” Paulo was being pissed off, but there seemed to be no effect on Oliver.
He bent on his knees and started digging the ground.” Sir ,you wont understand even if i told you.So,I don’t wanna tell the reason behind this and be ridiculed at.And thats all I can say.”
“Oh!”dear-Mr-lunatic” has got some stupid little secret to hide!”,said Paulo with a mocking gravity but Oliver remained silent and calm.That was an extra ordinary and sometimes,an outrageous thing about him.He never had that “anger phlegm”, as most of his companions ; the earthly people did.
On the contrary,Paulo was quick to anger and slow to forgive. Patience was not his best quality.But he knew that he cant leave for earth without Oliver because Oliver was the head of the team of shuttle control operators as well as the master mind who designed the shuttle. He knew the control systems of the shuttle better than anyone else.So Paulo and the others felt like stranded , strangled and helpless in an unknown prohibited territory.At last,Oliver got to his feet clutching some sample of moon rock and sand grain in a transparent plastic bag.He said,straightening himself,”Now! I’m ready to take you all with me.” He was grinning to himself.Once they were at a safe place and sat with his eyes closed.thinking hard.”At last,I’ve accomplished my task.I’ve won everything,I’ve ever dreamed of!”.His realistic soul responded ,”lucky mate !But don’t try to be over confident and proud ‘cos “pride hath fall”. You know yourself very well,you dumb! never able to learn a thing from mistakes of others as wise men do.You always fall to get a lesson stick in your bones.” And on a response like that from his conscience, he laughed to himself.
As soon as the team , hit the atmosphere of earth,there was the news of their big achievement.Every news agency strove hard to give the latest part of the news first.”It has been a great step,a great milestone towards success.We congratulate NASA team for their ultimate success”.It was all over the satellite channels.Everyone seemed happy except one person-Mrs.BELLE THOMAS.Deep in her heart she regretted every inch of the current news.She went instantly to her study and confined herself to it for quite sometime. She needed to be alone.Thank God!Mr.THOMAS was out ,working at his office late,that day.
The team un boarded the deck,welcomed by cheers and a great applause from NASA engineers and scientists.Oliver also got out.It was a blessing to be back,smelling the earthly odour and air again after so many years of waiting.Everything only seemed like yesterday except that his colleagues looked battered,tired and ten years or so,older than he was.Only then an idea struck him.”Oh God! She would never look like she was before.Now,she would have a good reason to reject me and she may say “Oh !you cheat!! Its not a broken moon.Firstly because its not shining and secondly because I can see the full moon out there!” He chuckled and made up his mind that even if she is old or battered I wont let her do that ….I wont let her give me lame excuses.I’d make her come to me.I’d stop her,I wont let her go.”.It dawned on him then and it felt like a thunder bolt.All his happiness drained away but he was still hopeful and optimistic.
The morning mail took away,all his hope and energy that ever was left to him.There he was, holding a letter in his trembling hands.He felt weak and entirely shaken by the contents of that “death sentence” of his.The words of the letter said:
“Hey Oliver! Welcome back and congrats on your great success.I did know that your love for me was pure and true but I ‘m afraid that I ‘cant love you and that not everything in this life could be achieved.I beg you to forget me as I’m married from past twelve years now and have 6-year old twins and a ten year old kid.Now that you are a man with a bright and successful future,I’m sure you’ll find your new love.And please just try to forget the past.I’m sorry…… I really am!
“Sincerely,eh????!!!! crap!!!’ he was shaking and crying hard like a wounded child sitting beside his dead parents and with no future ahead,heart-broken and angry on being deceived.He remembered clearly the day when he confessed his love to the,then,Belle Richards.’Hey ,Belle! How am I supposed to show you that I’ve fallen head over heels for you ?’.She had responded in fun,at that moment.”Well,Olie!do me a favour then either bring me broken stars or moon from the sky or just be contended in shutting your mouth and keeping your secret to yourself.’ He took the first part to his heart and strove hard than ever to join NASA and be their best ever officer. And then he was also deputy to Paulo and went to bring moon for her.Seems absurd now!! But ,how would you define passionate love then?
And now when he was back after 13 long earthly years , to be with her ,to love her.She felt only sorry on not being able to be there for him!!!!.’She never was yours,never in the start,not even now and wont ever be!’,It was Eleanor.She was watching him do all that crying and stuff.She was five when Oliver left on his mission to moon and now she was 20-beautiful and mature.He himself must be round about 35 according to earthly years but looked more like a 26 year old.He thought that things really have fallen apart in his long absence but he was wrong.Somehow she gave him his second mail .It was a beauteous card and on it ,was written in bold gold letters:
‘you know what I’ve got in store for you!
no broken stars,no moon,
But only pure love and extreme care.
So,if you don’t mind;
Just step into my heart,
and be mine forever,
and be mine forever!’
It was signed ‘Eleanor’.He was so taken aback.Oh! It was true then,that someone really loved him and cared for him.He no longer felt dejected.Maybe ,she was the one worth his love and no Belle Richards or Belle Thomas.Only Eleanor-the child who was so close to him in her childhood and he loved her so much then-that child who now stood before him ,grown up and ripe ,confessing her love for him or was it the support,she was intending to provide him.Well that never really mattered.Its always the passion which counts. He remembered her calling him ‘Uncle Olie,’ giving stress on pronouncing ‘l’ and prolonging the last alphabet as ‘Ollieee’.He loved it that way.It sometimes happens in life,and mostly in love that you busy yourself to make your beloved happy and come closer to you.But in the end you realize that they might be happy but not at all feel closer;that they have left your side a long time ago.At that moment the one who stays beside you,is truly the one who ever loved you.So you must not leave him alone and hold his hand.Eleanor was there but it was difficult for him .He had to give up for her and he did! Eleanor thought:
“And ah!yes Belle , You were absolutely right.Olie has found his love,his life-the fruit to his hard work-his soul mate ,love interest -Eleanor!’
And once they were married ,he said to her,’I don’t regret that I fell.It helped a lot.Thats the reason so far ,that I’ve got you by my side .’And they laughed heartily.
He then suddenly remembered something.He got out of his bed,went to his cupboard and extracted the samples of moon rock and sand.Coming back to her he presented the reward of his 15-year work before her and also gave himself,whole heartedly in her possession saying:
‘Yes Eleanor,you are the one who deserved it and you are the one who has Oliver in her complete possession.From today,I shall always be yours.Till my last breath,I’ll stay beside you sincerely and thats a promise.Now If you please;just rise and shine in my life!’
Her eyes opened wide in shock but she was thrilled and happy.

And now we come to our typical ending of a story ,which is: “And they lived happily ever after!!!’.

(P.S:wrote this piece some 4 or 5 years back so it would probably filled with flaws)