Major Depression Disorder

Finally we have started to touch Psychological disorders in our Mental Health and Psychopathology II class. Here’s what I remember about a Disorder called “Major Depression Disorder.”
Yup,the name shows, its related to depression. Not the kind of depression we use in our daily conversations . . . .
*Oh he dumped me,I’m so depressed.
*I didn’t get my most valued job,I’m depressed. . . .
We hear such sentences all the time around us. In fact we ourselves use the word depression in the wrong way,not realizing that it’s a big label that we are putting on ourselves. Lemme tell you how.
Firstly, Depression is a disorder.
A disorder is a combination of symptoms that help us in diagnosis/identification of a disease. So it means that a disorder has more than 1 symptoms.
That being said,lets come back towards Depression. Depression is characterized by Major Depressive Episodes.
What in the name of God is that?
Well an episode is the time period(a minimum of two weeks and maximum has no limit) during which you have at least 5 of common symptoms of Depression(any 5).
Lets quickly go through the most common symptoms(that may vary from person to person).
*loss of appetite or excessive eating
*feeling down or agitated over a prolonged period of time
*Insomnia(sleeplessness)or Hypersomnia (excessive sleep)
*loss of weight
*feeling worthless
*difficulty in remembering things and decision-making
*losing the insight of things.Thinking everything is worthless
*feeling inferior(but it isn’t inferiority complex)
*Suicidal attempts or thoughts.
So if any of these symptoms are found and they are persistent and stay over a long period of time,then I have bad news for you. If that’s not the case, why label yourself with depression when it’s just a little stress?