Diary Entry 125

Dear diary,
my straight hair is back,it touches my waist and I’m simply ecstatic about it 🙂
Apparently I have consumed my 30GB limit of my internet package within 10 or 12 days(though I still wonder how I managed to accomplish that!). I came to know about this news last night and of course I was devastated(okay,with a little bit of exaggeration). If I recharge it before October 11,every single GB usage will cost me 150Rs,which is a stupid kinda rule. But I guess it good I spend most of my days at my aunt’s place now. Will keep my mind off my EVO :/ And time to go home is so close too. Not sure when is the exact day but hopefully some day in the next week. And you know,at home,I don’t have to bother about an internet connection because turning the lappie on is kinda outta question there.
Anyway,it’s lunch time and I’m starving.
Catch you later!