From the heart of a NOBODY

Hey folks!

I have no idea what I’m going to write about today but I still wanted to write something.Sometimes its just a flood of mixed feelings inside me.And its neither always easy nor prudent to make a dam to control the flow.So,here I am again 🙂

I guess,sometimes its better for both the reader and the writer to go side by side.So,lets just say its happening just about now.

I don’t know why,I just had some memories from my college life floating before me.Not the bad ones.The time that I enjoyed the most just came to me as a flashback.Some time back,I had an argument with a friend about the love of attention in people.I have to say,who doesn’t like to win huh?!I’m no different there but there’s always some uneasiness when I have to go on stage to receive the prize.

I think I’ve become a creature of shadows.Its like I want to do my job but not take the credit for it.Crazy huh?!

Oh,I’ve always hated the limelight-believe it or not,most of the time that I spent on stage singing,it was against my will.I’m the person who was called out of the line in front of the whole school and college population and given a Mic.I hated that!Still do.

So,one thing is clear here,I don’t have any kind of stage fear.When I’m competing,its like I’m one other person like everyone else there,who,if wins,might be remembered by her name,otherwise forgotten forever.Like I said before,I like to win too but the idea of being invisible is more appealing to me than being the centre of attention.My friend,disagrees of course 🙂

I hope the time never comes when you have to see me,face going pink with embarrassment,as I ascend the steps to another stage to receive another prize.You’d know then;I don’t love this attention secretly.

I’m a nobody and I prefer to stay that way!