Happy B’day Chloe!

Yesterday I was there, tomorrow I may not.
The times we made up, the times we fought.
My life is just a reflection,full of your affection.
I’d spend hours,In those memories, lost.
I’ve known no passion greater than yours.
I’ve seen no better friend.
Time may be measured in seconds and hours
But your love has known no end.
Its hard to say in words how I feel.
A broken heart I will never tend.
As long as I have you close,
Of being happy I never have to pretend.
So much to say, so much is felt,
Mere thoughts of you and my heart melts.
Lucky as I am, to have seen, to have known
Your beauteous heart, a face set with frown.
The tantrums you throw, the fights you take on
So full of life, my heart you’ve won.
Love you with your good and bad.
Such pleasure with you I’ve always had.
No matter how much life keeps us apart

Be assured you’ll always be in my heart!

Diary Entry 130

Dear diary,
I don’t know how I managed to prepare for my today’s exam. I’m still amazed. Last night, I was feeling pissed and I hurt inside, today I know why. But I’ve had the most disturbing night ever! The little sleep I tried to get, was filled with nightmares and I kept waking up at odd intervals, with stomach ache, nausea and a dry mouth. I haven’t eaten much today, and I’m hungry again :/
Anyway,we had water problem in our hostels for some hours today. Rumors are,some main water pipeline got damaged somehow. Some girls were out, for a strike again. I saw them while coming back to university. I was too tired and out of sorts to go join them. And the problem just got solved anyway.
Tomorrow is my last exam In Sha Allah. Its Muslim Psychology exam. There was a time when I was so confident about Quranic verses and Ahadith. Not any more. I’ve been out of touch for so long that I’m forgetting what I learnt in the 1st place. No,I’m not proud of myself. And I plan to revise everything. I just don’t know when would that happen.
And I wonder why this constant headache at nights won’t let me be :/ Yup, I have it right now, and honestly, its annoying :/
Oh, and the steamy bit is that me and Chloe had fight with my roommate thrice today. Gawd, it was such an awkward and hilarious situation that I couldn’t help but laugh, which annoyed my roomie so much 😀
Anyway, I’m glad its over,for now. And I’m hoping against hope that she wont start again. Because if she does, I have half mind of unleashing the actual me. And lets be honest here, she won’t like the fighter side of me. Most people tend to avoid it, and its a good thing they do.
Oh, and one thing I don’t wanna forget to mention, we burnt the stuff that kept torturing Goldie with its presence in her life. It was fun. I’m glad that she is finally moving on(or at least that’s what she tells me). And I’m glad she burnt every little thing that kept making her suffer emotionally.
Good Riddance Chloe! I’m proud of you mate! And Clarkie, you can hate me all you want now 😀 Lemme assure you,this little super villain will enjoy every little moment of it!

Ilal Liqa’ 🙂

Diary Entry:My faulty stars….

Dear diary,
I’m so much accident prone these days. First I realized that I have lost my ATM card,don’t know when. And I’m not even sure if it was lost or stolen :/ I don’t know how long it’s been missing either. I realized I was broke! Then coming from auntie’s place, somebody either stole my cell charger or I lost it somewhere (slim chance there, I assure you.) As if that wasn’t enough tragedy in one week, my laptop had to take a dive,only it wasn’t water,it was floor. Leaving 3 very slim but nasty(for me at least)lines on the screen. And my EVO broke again!
My mids start from tomorrow and I just want to yell to heavens “GIMME A BREAK!!!”
I don’t believe in stars or being star-struck of course. I sat with my tortured lappie, to study and here I am!
Oh,and I left the bigger part out. I didn’t panic even after suffering this much 😀 Boy,am I happy……
Actually, I don’t even think I was shock that froze me. Because I have functioned perfectly fine since then. Yeah,well I know its kinda weird because everyone know how possessive I am about my stuff. And this leads to my premature diagnosis. Either I’m insane beyond my comprehension or I have finally learned how to master my emotions. Putting emotions on one side, I have this headache, that’s there in the back ground all the times these days. No, its not tensional, I would know. I have the perfect cure for such a headache. Its annoying but I’m managing.
I keep reminding me I have to study, Chloe and my own exam depends on me studying. Yeah,its a lot of dependence and it freaks me out! Guess,I should get used to it by now but I’m not. Just like I’m not used to talking to someone on call,even if its the banker who is supposed to block my ATM card. Okay, I did talk to him and it went fine but the part before actually doing the deed it the most difficult part. I always delay calling because I’m never comfortable.
Anyway, I should b studying :/

See ya, asap!

Diary entry 108

Dear diary,
Chloe is cooking up something. Well,I know exactly what it is,but for now I’m gonna shut up and let the things happen as they are supposed to be. I’m just itching to tell her once again “I told you so!”
Oh, no, I’m trying not to spoil the whole fun. So here are some of the things that I’m going to give a hint of knowing:
*The room decor, hidden from my sight (something is fishy there 😉 )
*The lies you had to tell me and the act part. (that was a child’s play to figure-out.)
*I saw you standing right there in front of my room,from a crack in the closed-door,when you just texted me and told me you were on your way.
Just don’t kill me when you read this,okay? :p
Sometimes you meet some people in life that you wish later,that you never had to cross paths with. People who destroy you. People who are a slow poison, a harmful drug that you keep on taking, until it kills you. There are people I wish I never met. The part of my life that I want to erase completely. But then again,there are those who are a blessing in disguise. Like my Chloe here, Alien buddy and some others too. They are the people who keep me awake when I most want to sleep :p But hey!I love you all in a twisted way.
I’m gonna enjoy this particular night so much, I’m sure.And…….. I should better go and have a little nap. Who knows exactly what I will be subjected to next,tonight.
Hoping to see you very soon.

P.S:Oh there’s one more thing I’m happy about. I was made admin of a page that I loved so much,yesterday. Enjoying every moment in the sun 😉
Here’s the link if you are wondering what page it is.

Diary entry 97

Dear diary,
This soldier is down with sore throat and temperature again. Eyes kept hurting all night. Didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Kept myself busy,trying to perform a small task for a friend( love working on Adobe Audition. Wish someone professional would teach it to me properly some day).
Chloe is obsessed with that song I edited last night-Hand to Mouth,by George Micheal. Gawd,now its driving me crazy,literally! Shes been continuously listening to it for more than 24 hours :-/
Went out with Chloe again. This time,to Savour Foods, Blue Area. Had a lovely time.
And my eyes hurt so much by now.They are watering.
I should probably rest.
More later In Sha Allah!
P.S:Chloe,lemme turn off this song now PLEASE!!! :-/

Diary entry 92

Dear diary,
it was a fun day yesterday. Enjoyed a LOT. Went out with my bestie only to find………well, lemme start from the start 🙂

The strike I was talking about, some time ago, I was a part of it. In fact I was one of those few people who helped make the initial head count, one of those who fought on the frontline. We were among the first soldiers. Without even an hour of night sleep, when girls came to tell at 04:00 am that strike was on, I left my warm bed with my bestie and got to hostel entrance. By the time I reached the Hostel door, it was open and the credit goes to none other than my bestie- Chloe 🙂

Side by side we marched in extreme cold night towards our destination-University Gates(Management thought that if they will park the buses in old campus of our university there wont be any strike. Well on your face management!!! :p ). On our way, met some girls from other hostel blocks and joined them. When we reached first gate, it was already blocked by our fellows so we proceeded to the next one. Same situation there too. So we went on to the 3rd gate. That was our stop. Some others went to the 4th one to block it. Stood in that extreme cold for 6 hours, stopped at least 6-8 university buses which included an employee bus and both male and female student buses. Had lots of fun while waiting for University Management to come down there and listen to our demands.
By the way, by our university laws, it’s illegal to participate in any strike but to hell with rules when they are to snub our voices when we are right!
Anyway, the very next day one of our demands was met and (alas! I missed the big moment as I had already gone to my roomie’s place to have some fun.) Girls saw one of the wardens (who used abusive language with girls) leave and celebrated in delight.
The rule that said that we had to pay a fixed mess bill amount of Rs 5,000 and the rule of hostel entry time to be 5 pm were over ruled too.
And then came revenge time!
Now university management is taking action against female participants of the strike as strike was illegal and things got out of hand a little when males joined females on one gate. Stuff happened that shouldn’t have happened. Not on the side I was but on the exact opposite side. But still wrong things are wrong, no matter who does them.
Anyway, Management is sending letters to homes of girls who were a part of the strike-or at least those whom they know 😉 Some seats have been cancelled and yet again misbehaviour with those girls, it’s condemnable. The way they are throwing belongings of those few girls out, this is not the right way to deal with stuff like this. Remind me again, why did we come to a university?!
Anyway, back to where I started from. I was going out with Chloe when we saw some girls standing and blocking the gate. We went closer and found out that girls are on strike yet again. This time, against the disciplinary action taken by the management and their misbehaviour. Saw a media person taking their interview, yet again. Anyway, we were in a hurry so had to take a longer alternate route to get outside university premises. Had a lovely time with her. The chat and work and shopping…………… By the time we were actually free it was very late (happening from past two nights). I told her, if we are late today we are writing Chloe and Kara instead of our real names and then make a super girl sign instead of actual signatures and will write Krypton on place of place from where we came 😉

Did just that. Chloe stopped to take pictures and guard uncle came to investigate. He asked if we wrote wrong names. And Chloe replied “For the very First time we wrote our actual names.”
Gave me a big laugh.
Anyway, a day spent enjoying, is a day well spent!
Love to be with you Chloe. Cherish every moment of our time together-today, tomorrow and always!

P.S: It’s almost 7 am and Chloe just showed me her cute friend from India. Nice chat dude and nice to finally put a face to your most often heard name.