Haters, Traitors, Alligators….

I’ve been dying to write this post ever since I got stabbed in the back 😀 Yeah, I’m happy about it. All this pretending and back-stabbing has gone for too long. I see people for who they really are, not as I want to see them. It’s another matter that I keep ignoring, forgiving and trying to save my relationships. And in one way it’s good that the pretenders, haters in disguises and traitors don’t stay for much longer around me. Yes, I’m too blessed that Allah pushes every deceiver out of my life. Every impure person leaves one way or other. And because I don’t have a habit of ratting people out, people do find me on their own to share stuff that’s tough for them. I can’t say I’m worth all that. But Allah does send them to me to help me heal. Yes, I heal in the process of helping others. And as for liars and cheaters, they keep showing up at times and then they are driven out after some time, without me trying….
Anyway, I recently got betrayed and it didn’t really come as a surprise. I made my peace with it. I had to. When I first thought of writing this post, the wound was still fresh. I planned on sparing no one that night. But with the passage of time, I let my hurt and anger drain out, because that’s who I am! I can’t keep grudges or hate :/
Yes, I’m tired of haters, traitors, stalkers and all other types of alligators who keep looking for a chance to hurt me and to swallow me whole. NO!!! I’m not gonna let anyone destroy me like that. And you all being so hell bent on trying to roughen up my life says so  much about yours.
One and only one sentence for you peeps- Get a life people!


Diary entry 14

Dear diary,

I slept at 8 in the morning,dunno what was I thinking-but I had the day off so I could afford to stay in bed.At 12 pm,I get a call from an unknown number who claims that I sent him a text message that’s why he called to ask who I was.

I have a dual SIM mobile and I haven’t recharged one of my SIM from past whole month approximately, due to the Eid incident(https://neyoxhan.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=369&action=edit).He was calling on that very SIM, which made it more clear that he was a liar.Plus the fact that I asleep.How can I be asleep and be sending a text message at the same time from a SIM which doesn’t even have a credit in it?

I’d have to give him one point for his confidence-but when you are doing something wrong,you tend to give away one or two points that could prove bad for you.Only because you can pretend to be strong and confident doesn’t mean that your really feel that inside.

So where did he go wrong?

Well, he was trying to ask me again and again which, I told him sternly, wasn’t any of his concern. The balloon of confidence deflated and he said:”You texted me, it’s not like, I’m purposefully dialing a random number!”

Chicken-that’s exactly what you are doing (hey I didn’t say chicken out loud).

Anyway, I hope he’s not calling any time soon.

Hmmm,my still warm bed is calling me again (wake up you sleepy head-got lotsa work to do!)

Ah, this is one wretched battle I may never win!

More later dear diary,right now I gotta find the will power strong enough to keep me out of my bed.

Hasta la vista 😉