A smile like waves in an ocean
A laugh, setting fire in water
Consuming me whole….
My body and soul…..
I wake up with a start; shaking
From my nightmare, that’s love
Destructive, combustible, chaotic
Joined with my name, this shame
Eating away my spirit, my bane
No help, no aid, no healing touch
Just pain and an everlasting wait….

Stupid Cupid Struck Me With A Broken Arrow!


Once upon a time I was this person
Careless and happy,with precious freedom
Then,one night I woke up with a piercing pain
An arrow through my heart,an apologetic face
Cupid said:”Sorry,the arrow’s broken.
You can’t be forever loveless and sane!”

This is how my story starts.
Ripped from my chest,my still beating heart
Tormented,broken,clenched in a fist
I try to resist,but I’m too weak.
The grip tightens,I scream out in pain!!!

“Go away stupid Cupid!Don’t be my bane.
I’d rather be happy and loveless and free.
Don’t shoot your broken arrows at me!”