I’ve been waiting for this for an eternity now!The excitement won’t go or even subside.So I guess I’d better start to get it out of me soon,before I explode.Here’s this small effort to get it all out-this big misconception in my mind of me being even remotely close to being called a writer.Don’t worry! I’ll get over it soon-I’m so much positive about it.But for now,you’ll have to endure me!That’s enough for a starting dose I guess!so,


5 years ago, I posted this, in my over-excitement mode. I had no idea how blogs worked then but I was excited to have one of my own. I’ve come so far from there and yet it seems like I have accomplished nothing yet. I’m still a naive little girl who isn’t little anymore. Seems like, time keeps passing but nothing changes much around here.
Anyway, I think it’s way past time when I should’ve introduced myself. So here it goes:
I’m Nayab Khan, a Clinical Psychologist in training. I was in grade 8 when I first started writing. I was someone who had very little to say but so much love for reading. It’s a wonder how someone’s words can help a person to grow or to shrink into obscurity. My teachers tended to the budding plant and their words became the water I needed for my growth. I’ve never really stopped ever since. There have been many times when I thought of quitting but here I am, writing yet again, telling a story I should have told so many years ago. So much has changed and yet so much is same. I’ve grown and the faces of the people who keep supporting me and urging me to do more and to keep writing change but the deep need inside to say what’s on my mind, has stayed the same.

I hope, 5 years from now, I can say again, “Look at me, even though I wanted to stop writing, I didn’t quit!!!”

And I hope I will keep coming……

Until then….



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