Diary Entry: Matters of the Heart…..

Dear diary,
my cell needs a fix and so does my heart. My cell isn’t charging, it burned me today. My heart is alight as well, on fire. Things seem to get easier when I am on the prayer mat and as soon as I get up, the constriction of air of my lungs, the tears in my eyes and the feeling of my heart being so full that it would explode, return. Matters of our hearts are really hard to sort out. Being in love doesn’t help the case either. I’m hurting inside and the people who love me are rejoicing that I have chosen to turn back to my old, more restrained and conservative self. I have chosen to be good in eyes of Allah(SWT) and being obedient to Him. But it hurts like hell inside 😥 The bouts of crying in secret-fearing that someone would notice and ask questions….. It’s hard. It’s excruciating! And the fear of losing what I don’t possess…..it kills me! In past few days I have lost more than I have gained. I have started building walls around me again. It’s going to drive me insane…..the loneliness, the emptiness, the void….. But I have Allah. And I don’t really need any more help. He will deal with the lack of strength. He will hold me. I love Him and I’m sure, He loves me too. I don’t really need anything else!
My Gosh! These people!!! they just won’t leave me alone for a bit! I’m close to fuming now :@ What is wrong with them?! Don’t they know I want to be left alone?! I know they care for me but they care a little too much! I don’t want any of that! I just want to be left alone to get some peace of mind….. To really connect with Allah…..To hold myself together. It hurts and annoys me when people ask too many questions. And I just snapped at my cousin on that. Goodness, I’m losing it! And only because I don’t want to change?! Is there any end to my misgivings? Is there any end to the hardness of my heart or harsh behaviour that I show? They are only trying to help. What they don’t realise is that they can’t! Only Allah can!
I’ve been hurt before. Not this badly, but I have. The only difference was that the first time I got hurt, it was at the hands of a person I called my best friend. And this time around I got hurt at my own hands. I don’t know which one is the worse but I do know that what has already come to pass, hurts me no more. But what’s now and here, its so hard to bear! Why did I have to fall in love? Why did I have to let it consume me whole?
I pray…I pray, harder than I ever have, before. I pray for peace of mind and heart. I pray to have him, claim him as mine, in an Islamically legal way. I pray that his heart melts too, at some point. I pray that if he’s not good for me, I forget any feelings for him that keep me awake at nights, praying, and that renders my days an endless series of daydreams that,despite being unfulfilled, make me smile often to myself and sigh, and want to cry of sheer pain at other times, that I feel inside ’cause I don’t have him.
My problem is that I can’t do justice with my own poor soul. I love with all I have and all that I am. I don’t keep anything to myself. I trust, I give people chances to hurt me, to stab me, and when they do, I turn inward, seek seclusion of my own body, to tend to the wounds that I helped others to give me. I’m that way. And I don’t know how not to be me! I wasn’t cut out to be merciless, at least for others. What I do to myself, I don’t know how not to.
Anyway, I was trying to watch Insurgent(FINALLY!!!) It’s pretty to look at, story aside. The scenes are kinda amazing. I just want people to stop barging into my room and let me see without pauses and breaks. But I definitely can’t say it on their face. I think I already hurt my aunt about 20 minutes ago when I told her that its annoying that her family(she included-but I didn’t tell her that,) asks too many questions. I know they do that to try to figure me out and help but its annoying. And let’s face it, they can’t really figure me out, can they? I’m someone who rarely shows her true self and seeing my past five years out of my city and how I spent them, and how people took advantage of me, trusting them, I doubt that anyone will ever see that door open EVER again. (Yup, I know I used ever twice in the same sentence- not in the mood of letting my grammar Nazi self win tonight!)
Anyway, I have to get back to my movie, watch it and go to sleep as soon as I finish with my dinner and Salah.
See you when I’m perturbed again(which will happen soon enough I guess).
Oh, and I do feel better after pouring my heart in here.


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