He’s An Angry Man

He wakes up with a frown on.
Why did she wake him up so soon!
He snaps at her, at the breakfast table.
Food’s crappy,he puts on a label.
Getting ready for work is a similar story.
Single wrong crease,and here comes fury.
He turns his back and irritated,he leaves.
He’s an angry man,that nobody believes.
In office, he’s a charming,people person.
Someone who listens and sees reason.
He smiles with a colleague, or a client.
His home fury is left far behind.
His conduct is perfect, he outshines others.
His wife copes alone and he never bothers.
It’s time to go home,have some rest.
To put his mate’s patience to another test.
The frown returns as he enters the gate.
She’s ready for another go,that’s her fate.
As fate would have it,he has a fall.
She gives him a shoulder even though she’s small.
He gains conscious,from a deep slumber.
His ill-treatment of her, he remembers.
He breaks into tears, guilty he feels.
Asking forgiveness,hoping she heals.
She cries,hugging him to her, close.
Saying,she happy with the life she chose.
Together they live better,love flows.
No longer an angry man,he’s changed now.


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