A little history,plus some mystery equals to Me

It seems like ages since I have written anything but diaries or poems. But tonight I wanted to pour my heart out in something other than a diary post. My inspiration was another blogger Rafia Asif with a blog “Master Passion Greed.” I just came to know she is from my beloved city Sialkot. My excitement just won’t die so I decided that I should write a post and mention her. Off course there is more to this post than mere acknowledging that she is from my city. I don’t think I know her personally but I do hope I do(or that I get to know her better). Still sharing the same city has brought a feeling of being closer to her. I don’t know if you feel the same girl but I’m truly happy.
Anyway, this knowledge has lit up something inside me. I don’t know what it is but it seems to be something amazing. I have been hiding myself for too long I guess. I want to share some very basic things about myself tonight. Don’t ask me why.
(Yeah,I do realize that I should’ve written all this stuff earlier and that too in my “About” page. But hey,better late than never,right?!)
I am Nayab Khan, from Sialkot, an army brat and a patriot. Currently residing in Islamabad, a Psychology major, undergrad student in International Islamic University,Islamabad.
I’ve been an avid reader since my early childhood years, a singer for more than 20 years of my life,which practically includes my whole school and college life.
Writing for me, started when I was in grade 9,when I wrote my first poem. It was a poem about Harry Potter(my obsession at that time)and I used both English and Urdu to write it. A pretty childish move on my part which I even forgot until an English class in grade 10,when the teacher praised a story I had written as an assignment given by my English teacher. She made every class fellow read my story(Yes,I’m proud of it!). Then came the years I spent in college. There again my English teacher became my biggest motivator. I still remember her words to me like it was just yesterday.
“Nayab,mark my words, wherever you go in life,whatever field you choose,you will excel in it so much because you have a creative mind. And creative people always excel.”
That was the turning point for me. The second person playing a major role in my motivation became an English presenter in our local radio “Radio Buraq,104 fm.” I usually call that period,”the prime time” in my life. That was the start of my feeble efforts at writing poetic verses. DJ Farhan and the feedback from listeners told me, I had it in me.
3rd person to support me was my class mate and a very good friend, who used to write herself too.
On November 9,2007 an Iqbal day Inter college competition organized by City Mag,a local fortnightly magazine,was the last push I needed. After winning the competition(I had to sing poetry of Iqbal) the I had a little chat with the Chief editor of City Mag,telling him how much I loved the magazine(I was a regular reader mainly because of short stories and interviews of DJs of fm 104-my obsession at that time). He asked me “Why don’t you start writing too?We’ll be happy to print.”
And that’s how my life as a writer began. I have the honour of being the youngest writer for City Mag at that time who became popular among the readers very soon because of my short stories. But it didn’t last long. I had to leave for Islamabad.
Islamabad meant the start of another phase for me. Yeah,I’m a graduate from Al-huda International Institute of Islamic Studies for Women,Islamabad. Without any doubt, the one and a half years I spent there have been the best years of my life,til date. There I learnt how to put my voice to a better use. I learnt to do recitation along with many more things. My biggest achievement there was memorizing 3oth juz of Qur’an. I know it’s not much,but I still am proud of it.
And end of my time in Al-Huda meant start of my life in university. Here, I was a completely different person. I have always been a peace-loving,crowd avoiding book loving person who hated limelight from the very start(in short,an introvert). But coming to university kinda increased the intensity of those behaviours. I have grown extremely selective in making friends(I was like that in the past too but not extreme case). I talk less, keep more to myself which means I have stopped participating in any extracurricular activities,spending more time in classes than I used to,in my school years. I practically become to most dormant person,perhaps,in my whole university except for one activity. I do participate in SIST every year. In my university years, my participation in Shifa Inter Scholastic tournament every year has been about the only activity that gives me satisfaction and reminds me of good old days of the past when I used to be on stage most of the time. Believe me, there’s no bigger satisfaction than participating in recitation competitions and winning 1st prize every time. It seems like that was the whole purpose of my creation.
Oh,and the biggest force behind me going on stage has always been my beloved mother who kept pushing me to participate and actually live my life to the full. Mama, thank you for that. And I have grown lazy in past some years(mum still forces me to participate in competitions in university.So yeah,I’m guilty of hiding any such events from her 😀 )
Now before I go, some words for my granddad, who was the writer in my family(Bashir Ahmed Lodhi,who wrote “Tauheed aur hum“and “Shukar,taubah aur hum“,published by Darussalam publishers). I always perceive that I got my prose-writing genes from him and my poetry-writing genes from mum,along with a good voice.
That’s all my life was before today. Who knows what tomorrow brings(A thought just crossed my mind. Since,my grandpa wrote his books in Urdu,maybe I should be the one to translate them into English.Just a fleeting thought. But maybe instead of forgetting it,I will work to actually do it.Who knows 🙂 )

Here’s the link to Rafia’s blog if anyone is interested.


2 thoughts on “A little history,plus some mystery equals to Me

  1. Hey Nayab. It is one overwhelming post. :’) Reading through it, I found you one interesting person, and glancing over the ‘army brat’ chuckled me like you are funny too. B-| I always wanted to be very good in recitation but then I am not much hopeful as I do not have the caramel voice and training for doing so. But when I see others doing it, I feel inwardly pleased. 🙂 Sometimes envious too. Ha ha. You should be very grateful for having that talent. Hearing about radio buraq and Dj Farhan and city mag, you feel so own sista. We should meet sometime in future inshaa Allah.

    • Thank you for your generous comments and yeah,I’d love to meet you when I come back home 🙂
      I felt a bond with you when I wrote all this stuff. So yeah,we should meet some time in future.
      In Sha Allah!

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