Diary entry 107

Dear diary,
yesterday turned out to be a very. . . . .  unusual, yup unusual is the right word,a very unusual day. Went to visit District Courts of Rawalpindi, Female Bar room, Union Council Office in Islamabad and High Court in Islamabad. An educational trip it was. An adventure cum sad story. It started out great. District Courts and Bar rooms and Arbitrary Council and then went off to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences to visit Lawyers who had recently been shot at and the blast victims.
Some of them injured more than others. Bullet wounds on chest,arms,legs and even feet. One case of Orthopedic surgery, one man with a bullet in his pelvis, his pelvic artery damaged and it was somehow a case for Neurosurgery,with the bullet still in his leg and doctors waiting for his condition to become stable enough for them to perform the surgery. One of the injured man who had 2 been shot twice in the head but fortunately the aim wasn’t good enough so one bullet just passed scraping the side of his head,another one penetrated that same side but didn’t damage the skull. His eyes,on the other hand,were swollen shut. His story gave me a good shaking. And those were the people in surgical ward. There were more people in ICU.
Leaving PIMS, went to Islamabad Courts where the incident of bombing and firing happened. Pieces of broken glass, bullet holes in walls and windows, burnt computers. As if that wasn’t a sight enough, there was blood on floors and then the blood smeared on walls. One of the lawyer was kind enough to tell that it was the blood of suicide bomber whose blood as well as blown up body pieces were now sticking to the walls,which was totally gross!
Gawd, I can’t seem to get all that stuff out of my head. Wanted to write a detailed account but too short on time. Just one detail that media people seem to miss and most of the people I happened to listen to,who were eye witnesses,told that instead of 3 bombers their number was somewhere between 6-12. One of the Session judges,who died on the spot, his widow is now in a coma.
Anyway, may Allah gives all the victims good health. And may the people who lost a family member in that incident, may Allah makes things easier for them.


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