Angel of death

What are you,an Angel?
With that dazzling smile
That renders hope
And that concern on your face
That guards me and protects
A support,unbending
That gets me through my day
Are you my guardian Angel?
Hovering over me,my savior
Trying to take care of everything
Here,with me and yet so far away
Someone I can feel beside me
But am unable to touch
Aren’t you a handful one,
Unyielding,cooking up something
In that mind of yours
Always letting me chase
After a mirage
Something I can never get
Why do you do it?
Why do you let me?
Knowing,my dreams will break me.
Perhaps you are not that good
Perhaps you are my demise
I’m quite sure you are an Angel
But may be an Angel of death
My death. . . . .


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