Diary entry 101

Dear diary,
my time at home has been one hell of a time. Enjoyed a LOT! On my arrival, got a long hug from mum. Felt like heaven-my personal share of heaven 🙂
My little siblings each had a home-coming gift ready for me which I’m totally in love with!
The night after, my little brother made Pizza for me, which by the way, was delicious. And more than that, it was filled with love!
Then meeting my teddy bear, who has grown to be even cuter with rosy cheeks,and off course a new addition to the family, teddy bear’s little sister. Had a great time with each one of them.
Pizza party with my cousins, my little bro’s birthday and food cooked by mum 🙂
Oh,and by the way,my under-preparation for my competitions,due on February 1 and 2. I’m trying o learn the ayahs that I have to recite but its been too difficult lately and SIST 2014 is drawing ever so near. Yup,this means cold sweat,lotsa pressure and panic. And I guess its time that I hear my own most frequent words:
Or lose it with a grace. But the stress is on winning for the time being 🙂
This year, I anticipate a tougher competition as the number of teams participating is more than last year
Uh,and I forgot to mention, the dreams I had in past week. Yup, they shook me bad. And the “cold war” between me and my bestie due to some unknown reason. . . . .
It all disturbed me. More than I wanted it to. The more I tried to concentrate on learning my ayahs for competition, the more my mind diverted towards my bestie. That same night, I got my bestie’s message and we were back on track again. Just like that!!!
But the time I had to endure in her absence, well, it made me think and think hard. What is my life all about? Why is it the way it is?
I knew it was time for damage control. So I took help from a dear friend who taught me to be “Pragmatic” but I’d rather call it “being cold-hearted.”
I was a good and fast learner. I was able to shut my heart for some days. But the wretched softness overcame the hardness. And my journey started again. Again on a jagged path,trying to overcome hurdles. . . .
The thing I missed the most was my bestie’s scoldings when I was down, her way of showing me that she felt my pain.
Anyway,she’s back and cheekier than ever, so no worries!
(Next time if you do what you did, seriously Goldie, I’ll have to break your skull to repair that damaged mind of yours! :-/ )
Anyway, I have taken more time writing this post than I was supposed to.
One more day to enjoy at home (or spend working,as per need :p ) then off we will go,back to Islamabad.
My love,my teddy bear!!!

P.S:A special thanks to bigger teddy, my chooza(chicken) friend,alien buddy and chicken for being there for me in my hard time 🙂

AAARRGGHHHHH!!! Another post written way long before its being posted. Yeah,I know it’s started to become a habit.But next time, I’ll be careful (hopefully :p )


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