Diary entry 94

Dear diary,
Things have been depressing on my end. Chloe wasn’t herself. Shes been crying hard for past hour or so. And me………I’m furious.LITERALLY FURIOUS!!!
I lost a friend,I moved on. Its better to be without a friend than to have a friend that keeps torturing you,right Chloe? Good to see you finally give up crying and making the decision of never looking back. Life is better this way. Absence of one friend, no matter how close, isn’t the end of the world. Never have been and never would be. And as long as you have your other friends (you have Kara-yup that’s me 😀 ) and loving cousins, who would die for you, you don’t have to worry about losing someone who was never yours to begin with.

Lets have some fun-studying together now :p And lets hope against hope that strikers help save the Queen 😉
Seriously Chloe,we need to stop hoping that there would be strike in the morning and our paper would be postponed and we need to open up our books right now.
Stop laughing! :p

It’s a blessing to have a friend like Chloe,dear diary. She just needs to see how precious she is for some of us and that whoever loses her is the biggest loser the world would ever see.

Anyway,its study time.
Gawd,give us both the will and strength to study (and not pass any more time having the bestest time of our lives yet :p 😉 )

P.S:Chloe agrees 😉

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