Diary entry 95

Dear diary,
I’ve been up all night trying to study but instead having fun with my bestie. News of a strike were buzzing in the air all day and night. By the time it was 06:30 am, it felt something like strike was on so I went out too (Chloe went to sleep). But when me and some other hostel fellows reached male campus girls were retreating. We saw two or three buses entering university and girls came running back towards female campus, shouting block the campus,shut the doors and don’t alert the guards,keep silent. . . . . .blah,blah,blah. . . . .(Nope I’m not against you girls. I was there because I wanted to be. But there is something called management. We should all learn a bit of it at least!) Anyway, strike seemed an epic fail initially. What with the meager strength and lack of discipline. So I called my bestie at 08:00am to let her know that paper was on. Reluctantly she came to campus and saw a big crowd of day scholars and hostelites outside university blocks.
What happened today. . . . .
Well, yesterday, about 15 security guards entered female hostel block and threw a girl’s belongings out in open,assaulting her both physically and verbally (this has been happening from some past days.They are literally throwing out girls). And today some female students came out to condemn the act and they were abused verbally and some got beaten by the guards. Hearing this, those girls who were in hostel to study for their final exam came out to help out their sisters. And alhamdulillah some day scholars came and joined forces with hostel students and fought for our rights and our honour.
A big thank you to those brave girls who helped us. Our paper got postponed as my class showed unity (for the very first time in 2 and a half years)and sat out the paper time 😉 Management tried to force girls to give up and some of them were giving orders to guards to beat the girls if they have to. Seeing the chaos, lady police officers were summoned. There’s been an F.I.R filed against Provost and today was the hearing in court that Provost missed (I hope she is forced to resign for rusticating those innocent students,for snubbing our voices,for ordering assault of students by security guards,for being lying hypocritical . . . .ahem,ahem.Yeah! ).
The girl they expelled yesterday night was a PhD Scholar and hearing the unfortunate news, her father got a heart attack. Some mixed news are vibrating that he is serious and some say he died. University Administration isn’t allowing any Media to do the event coverage. Payed them off. Lets see how long are you able to keep our voices down. There will be a time when we would be able to say “On your faces,administration and the so-called disciplinary committee!”
Male population (or some of them) were promising they would make history and they would help their sisters. . . . .blah,blah,blah. Remind me again,why didn’t I trust even a single word you said yesterday :-/ Seriously guys,if you don’t wanna help,then don’t! Just stop acting like hypocrites! We already have enough on our hands,don’t need any more to worry about. Thank You very much!!!
Anyway,I’m too tired to go on right now.
Later,will try to upload the video Chloe just made. It’s a talk between Female DIG (if I’m not wrong),Provost and students.
Right now I need to get some sleep…….

P.S:I dunno why I keep awake on the exact night of strike and then tire myself :-/ I hate you,”Me!”

Diary entry 94

Dear diary,
Things have been depressing on my end. Chloe wasn’t herself. Shes been crying hard for past hour or so. And me………I’m furious.LITERALLY FURIOUS!!!
I lost a friend,I moved on. Its better to be without a friend than to have a friend that keeps torturing you,right Chloe? Good to see you finally give up crying and making the decision of never looking back. Life is better this way. Absence of one friend, no matter how close, isn’t the end of the world. Never have been and never would be. And as long as you have your other friends (you have Kara-yup that’s me 😀 ) and loving cousins, who would die for you, you don’t have to worry about losing someone who was never yours to begin with.

Lets have some fun-studying together now :p And lets hope against hope that strikers help save the Queen 😉
Seriously Chloe,we need to stop hoping that there would be strike in the morning and our paper would be postponed and we need to open up our books right now.
Stop laughing! :p

It’s a blessing to have a friend like Chloe,dear diary. She just needs to see how precious she is for some of us and that whoever loses her is the biggest loser the world would ever see.

Anyway,its study time.
Gawd,give us both the will and strength to study (and not pass any more time having the bestest time of our lives yet :p 😉 )

P.S:Chloe agrees 😉