Diary entry 93

Dear diary,
I should be studying right now but here I am!
Listening to a song over and over again,shared by a friend, with book opened in front of me and laptop in my lap. Facebook open and talking to my little sister and loving the new transformation in her personality. Loving the change from “damsel in distress” to the “warrior girl.”Hostel is again buzzing with the news of strike and the management has parked buses in old campus again. Seriously management people,did that stop us before?

By the way,its our exam in the morning so I’m not thinking about any idiotic move this time. I have to prepare for my exam and I’m hoping it doesn’t get postponed.
Chloe is asleep. Left me to study by myself so that I can teach her later what I studied. But Kara is here,blogging, chatting on Facebook and listening to a lovely song. Shes gonna kill me when she wakes up 😀
Maybe I should try to get a little study done by the time she wakes up. For that I’ll have to start studying (which,I’m not at all in mood of). But a girl, even if she’s a super-girl,she’s gotta do,what she’s gotta do.
I should probably go now.
See you soon,if life permits.

Diary entry 92

Dear diary,
it was a fun day yesterday. Enjoyed a LOT. Went out with my bestie only to find………well, lemme start from the start 🙂

The strike I was talking about, some time ago, I was a part of it. In fact I was one of those few people who helped make the initial head count, one of those who fought on the frontline. We were among the first soldiers. Without even an hour of night sleep, when girls came to tell at 04:00 am that strike was on, I left my warm bed with my bestie and got to hostel entrance. By the time I reached the Hostel door, it was open and the credit goes to none other than my bestie- Chloe 🙂

Side by side we marched in extreme cold night towards our destination-University Gates(Management thought that if they will park the buses in old campus of our university there wont be any strike. Well on your face management!!! :p ). On our way, met some girls from other hostel blocks and joined them. When we reached first gate, it was already blocked by our fellows so we proceeded to the next one. Same situation there too. So we went on to the 3rd gate. That was our stop. Some others went to the 4th one to block it. Stood in that extreme cold for 6 hours, stopped at least 6-8 university buses which included an employee bus and both male and female student buses. Had lots of fun while waiting for University Management to come down there and listen to our demands.
By the way, by our university laws, it’s illegal to participate in any strike but to hell with rules when they are to snub our voices when we are right!
Anyway, the very next day one of our demands was met and (alas! I missed the big moment as I had already gone to my roomie’s place to have some fun.) Girls saw one of the wardens (who used abusive language with girls) leave and celebrated in delight.
The rule that said that we had to pay a fixed mess bill amount of Rs 5,000 and the rule of hostel entry time to be 5 pm were over ruled too.
And then came revenge time!
Now university management is taking action against female participants of the strike as strike was illegal and things got out of hand a little when males joined females on one gate. Stuff happened that shouldn’t have happened. Not on the side I was but on the exact opposite side. But still wrong things are wrong, no matter who does them.
Anyway, Management is sending letters to homes of girls who were a part of the strike-or at least those whom they know 😉 Some seats have been cancelled and yet again misbehaviour with those girls, it’s condemnable. The way they are throwing belongings of those few girls out, this is not the right way to deal with stuff like this. Remind me again, why did we come to a university?!
Anyway, back to where I started from. I was going out with Chloe when we saw some girls standing and blocking the gate. We went closer and found out that girls are on strike yet again. This time, against the disciplinary action taken by the management and their misbehaviour. Saw a media person taking their interview, yet again. Anyway, we were in a hurry so had to take a longer alternate route to get outside university premises. Had a lovely time with her. The chat and work and shopping…………… By the time we were actually free it was very late (happening from past two nights). I told her, if we are late today we are writing Chloe and Kara instead of our real names and then make a super girl sign instead of actual signatures and will write Krypton on place of place from where we came 😉

Did just that. Chloe stopped to take pictures and guard uncle came to investigate. He asked if we wrote wrong names. And Chloe replied “For the very First time we wrote our actual names.”
Gave me a big laugh.
Anyway, a day spent enjoying, is a day well spent!
Love to be with you Chloe. Cherish every moment of our time together-today, tomorrow and always!

P.S: It’s almost 7 am and Chloe just showed me her cute friend from India. Nice chat dude and nice to finally put a face to your most often heard name.