Diary entry 87

Dear diary,
I should be preparing for my “Neurological Basis of Behaviour” presentation which is due tomorrow but I am too busy,doing nothing exactly. 7 emotional disorders and a messed up(cum sleepy) mind.What should I do?Where should I go?
The names of some of those disorders are fun to pronounce.I just spent past some minutes trying to learn how to pronounce “Urbach Wiethe Syndrome,Klüver Bucy Syndrome” and “Möbius’ syndrome.”And after going through that most interesting thing,I don’t have any stamina to even try to read and know what happens in these Syndromes. I wonder what am I going to tell a class full of non co-operative students about them.(Nope,I’m just kidding. My class is almost too co-operative :p So co-operative that I can’t even digest this knowledge! If only you knew what I mean 😉 )

Anyway,my temples are aching,practically pissing me off and I think I deserve rest after my journey back to hostel and a fun-filled weekend.
See you very soon In Sha Allah!
(Hopefully,if I’m not behind bars or something for my little adventure 4 days back 😉 As if I care!)
P.S:Screw Studies,I’m off to sleep!

Diary entry 86

Dear diary,
Its been a fun weekend. I sneaked out of my hostel to go to my bestie’s place. Babies here are so damn cute. One in particular,the smallest one,who keeps smiling at me and when I call his name he just laughs and becomes shy. Love it!
Miss my own family seeing all this love in the air but seems like I wont be getting a chance to meet them before my finals end.
Went to a seminar on Wednesday in my university where I had the time of my life. And today I was bombarded with lots of questions from the head organizer of that seminar. Things she wanted to know,that didn’t concern her even in the least. And I just told her to back off. If someone needs to talk to me they better come to me directly. I don’t have patience to entertain messengers.
Gawd!!! She messed up with my mind and irritated the hell outta me.
But like I said before,what doesn’t kill you,makes you strong.
Anyway,having a lot of fun with my bestie. Glad to have come to her place.
And glad to have your cheerful usual self back.
Girl,you rock this world!!!
Love ya into bits and pieces

P.S:Thanks for not letting tensions take hold of you and showing me your “bestest”side there could ever be 🙂