Diary entry 85

Dear diary,
Last night when I saw my friend in bad mood all my inner spy spirit kinda deflated. I thought,that I wont ever talk about the topic which made her feel so bad. But today,the morning came and brought a bright mood and she was her usual chatty self. The good thing is that she’s kinda okay with whatever I did and she now actually believes that I have a strong backbone in me 😀 This reminds me of the person I was talking about in my previous post oh,and the pictures that I said that I would try to post.I’m thinking of doing it now . . . .
and here it goes 😀 (probably the worst thing I would ever post in my blog but the most fun moment of my life.And Its my first ever direct hit on someone and hopefully the last!)
Oh,and before I post it,this picture is a special dedication to some jackass who destroyed countless lives and is still doing it shamelessly.

I did too 😉

P.S:Wanna see the asshole?Have a sneak peek BUT ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!


15 thoughts on “Diary entry 85

    • Physically,emotionally. . . . .you name it!
      Off course,I know him personally and I know people who have known him too closely and then were left like a used tissue,crumpled.
      Anyway,I don’t think I can be more blunt in my answer than this.

  1. physically?? mtlb….
    ur comments are really hurting me deep inside….. I admire him…. he was (or I must say IS) my ideal….I cant believe this.. honestly..

    • You seem to be in you late teens by the sound of your comments. I don’t mean to hurt you but if I hide the truth,that’s exactly what I would be doing. Yes,Physically means in its literal sense. After listening to him,you must know by now that he knows how to use words and hes a big manipulator. Promising girls that he would marry them and asking or should I say,forcing them to be his girlfriend and to meet him. Then the next step you should know yourself. As long as you listen to him and do exactly what he says,he’ll talk to you regularly. The moment you say “no” time for verbal abuse comes. And then he would leave you without even a backward glance.
      He talks about Islam in his shows and doesn’t stop himself from drinking or even fornication(meaning Zina)
      You really need to change your ideal sister. And for future, I would say, Never EVER make ANY media person your ideal. If you do,you will always be disappointed. Don’t ever be fooled by nice words and compliments.
      best of luck for your life ahead.

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