Diary entry 84

Dear diary,
Its been a fun and adventure filled day today. Enjoyed a LOT with two of my buddies. Today was the day when I came to know what an utter moron looks like. And that’s not all. I saw a plaster saint,a  hypocritical SOB . . . If you know what I mean 😉
Aaarggghhhh!!! DISGUSTING and on the same time funny situation too. Helluva experience. Once in a lifetime type,you know. I felt like a spy,a journalist or an army personnel  on some covert mission and enjoyed every single moment of it! 😀
I want to post pictures too but guess it’s not exactly the right time.May be some other fine day 😉
Little moments of happiness,the oops moments and the walking into a wolf’s den moments-been there,done that 🙂

I’m just happy to show people from time to time,what I am inside and totally love the expression of shock on their faces often followed by an admiration.
Anyway,feeling kinda sleepy.And still in no mood for classes tomorrow.(Wish classes were something I could avoid on mood)
Anyway,,gotta take off now.
See ya some other time.


P.S:My bestie just yelled at me big time :/