Diary entry 83

Dear diary,
I broke my cell phone for the nth time today and I’m very cross with myself and with my cell too.Happened in the morning and I thought to myself “Great!Could a day be worse than that!”
Well,it proved that the day could be worse. Just when I was about leave Rawalpindi to come back to hostel,got a call that my grandma was hospitalized.So instead of returning back to hostel,I had to run with my aunt to the hospital. Shes out of any danger now (Alhamdulillah!)but the sudden news did shake me half to death.
Anyway,as I reached hostel,saw my bestie sitting alone,quiet. I knew something was wrong(Shes never quiet so. . . . ). I sat there with her for a long time and we returned to her room when finally, her mood became better.
Dear diary, I dunno why I still have a bad feeling inside. As if something bad is about to happen. Maybe its my extreme sleep deprivation at work or maybe its just my imagination (I’m hoping the reason is one of these two options). Who knows. . . . . .
My eyes feel like stones right now and mind is half asleep. I should probably put them both to rest now.
Hope to write again soon.
Ma’a Sallamah!


P.S;too tired to tag or categorize this post tonight (but still doing it anyway :p )


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