The Break-up (part 2)

Its like his face is etched on my eyelids
I see him,even when I don’t want to
It’s as if he’s a part of me
His face keeps me up at night
I see him,with my eyes both open and closed
It’s as if he runs in my body
Instead of my blood
Keeping me alive and well
I can’t hide,can’t shun his memories
He’s become an essential part of me
And even if I run away
How can I outrun myself?
How can I escape me?
Oh Lord!This is torture.Its brutal!
How to go on living like that?
How do I survive?
He’s gone but my heart wont let go
I still remember the day we met
And the way we clicked
Like two fitting pieces of a puzzle
As if we were made for each other
Life was all roses and stolen kisses
The late night talks,the giggles
His hugs,felt like home
Love flowing through his eyes
His mischievous smile
Eyes fixed on me,taking all in;savoring
The longing and patience on his part
Oh,and the way he made me feel special
Face;reflecting his own satisfaction
. . . . . . POOF. . . . . . And he’s vanished. . . .
From my life,from my world
Only the memories remain to remind me
No more jolly dancing,no more late night strolls
I’m a broken shard,a hopeless soul now
Insanely sane,going completely insane
Tossing and turning,aching for him
Asking myself “Why?”,over and over
I remember that wretched cold night
As if it was just happening now
Sitting across him on our table for two
I dread that moment,but there’s nothing I can do
He’s made up his mind,I can see it in his eyes
Nothing now,can bring a change
I say,”I can take it!I can take it all!!!”
Silently begging him,take me,make me Yours
But whom was I trying to fool?
He’s so quiet;not a good sign
I wait. . . .patience,slowly leaving me
Then it hits me
,flooding my eyes
He doesn’t want me anymore
But I have to make sure
Wishing I misread his silence
I accuse him,”You’re leaving me,aren’t you?”
He utters not,even a single word
As if he needed to,in the first place
This knowledge does little to help me
I feel frozen in time,numb,lifeless
I want to put up a strong front
But my eyes have a mind of their own
Collecting all my energies,left
I look his way for the last time
And that’s when my heart starts to weep
And my eyes,they too,join in
Goodbye is never easy
There’s indecision,frustration in his stance
A moment that gave away the hidden truth
“He’s still in love with me and I reciprocate!”
But DAMN his sense of responsibility!!!
Did he have to be the thoughtful one?
So what if he was old,I did already accept
Our love was blind,we knew its depth
Why did he have to be with maturity then?
I still wait,and will wait for an eternity
Oh Love!you are so ruthless and deadly
Where should I go?Whom should I tell?
That Love made my life a real Hell
Engulfed by sorrow,I still seek his arms
An embrace of love,that I’ll never get
And a home I can never forget


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