The Break-up (part 1)

“I can handle it”,she said
“I can take it all.”
Beating heart,pulsing passion
Rugged breath,expectant eyes,on me
Sitting across our table for two
Biting her lip,waiting for an answer
That never took a verbal form
Willing me to say it,out loud
I could see she was nervous
Or perhaps expecting a betrayal
Patiently,she waited
Fears turning into real life nightmares
With every passing minute
I saw her eyes change
A look of disdain perhaps. . . . . . .
“You’re leaving me,aren’t You?”
An accusation in tone
More than an actual question
Hurt voice,tear filled eyes
I knew she wanted it differently
Hell, I wanted it differently!
I knew she wanted to hear her rejection
Oh boy!That wasn’t easy
Not to tell her that I still loved her
To do the right thing for a change
Tortured pale face
Our hearts beating fast
Matching rhythm,racing
It was time to say goodbye
She could stop her tears no longer
And I had to look away
Fearing my resolve might break
Or worse,I may reach out to her
Wipe her tears,embrace her
Put her rosy colour back in her cheek
Giving her a false hope
Prolonging both our miseries
Giving her a sense of security
Only to snatch it away again
But I couldn’t bring myself to do it
To torment her again and again
I know she was happiest,being with me
I saw that flower withering
But someone had to be the responsible one
And sadly,it had to be me
Falling hard for a young beauty. . . .
What the hell was I thinking???!!!
And then she stood,walked away
I sat there,watching her go
I hoped she’ll confront me someday
To ask me why?
But truth be told
I’m too old for her
Too old to be together
Its been years since that cold night
I still burn,ignite and ache for her
Bitter,for I let her fly
Now she’s gone,out of my reach
My beloved little dove
Held captive in someone Else’s arms
Away,safe,sane and happy
And here I am,a dweller of our past
losing sanity,wishing she was here
So this loss I didn’t have to bear
I wanna tell her,”I love You”
And mean it with all my heart
I need her beside me
Or I might fall apart


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