Diary entry 77

Dear diary,
The paper went outstanding for which I’m happy but also a little sad and worried about my friend.She came in late for exam,and it was kinda lengthy.She didn’t perform well.I’m worried about her.Its not like she isn’t intelligent.She has a brilliant mind.Much better than my rusty one.But she is being so careless.Shes wasting away her capabilities.
And it s time for some damage control.
I mean,I am lazy and care free,my other friends are too.But she takes laziness and carelessness to a whole new level.Sleeping in hostel when teachers are in class to take your mid-term exam……….Enough’s enough!
At least I’m not going to tolerate that.Not when I care about her.So its time for some action.
Anyway,I wanted to write more but I’m too sleepy to do it right now.There’s a new piece of composition that I was trying to write in the past.Its still incomplete and I will try to complete and post it today In Sha Allah.I just hope to complete it the way I wish it to be.
I have to go now,can’t force myself to stay awake anymore :-/



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