Diary entry 74

Dear diary,

It’s probably my first entry in 4 months.I’ve missed you,no doubt about that but I couldn’t get myself to write anything.The reason,I guess is that I might have changed a little bit over time,and not in a good way.I’ve become more introvert I guess.It kills me,but its there.I withdraw from people more often than not.And maybe I have a damn good reason for that.
Its been two nights,I’ve been crying without any control.So many things going on my mind that for a moment I felt that those things broke me.But I’m okay.On the road to recovery.Some things that are going on still sting.But what the hell,that’s life.I know it will pass,sooner or later so why waste my time.I will cry again if I feel like it but it wont be because I’m broken.It will be because sometimes you have to let go,let the tears flow.And letting go is the hardest thing but it doesn’t make one coward.It makes one stronger .
I want to say so many things without hurting anyone’s  feelings.But these days you never know who will be reading the stuff you write.I’m hurt,yes but its nothing that I can’t take care of.And hurting someone back isn’t what I do,it’s just not in me.
Anyway,I have mid-term exams,starting tomorrow morning and I still have to start from scratch.So I better roll.

P.S:It’s so nice to be back 🙂


2 thoughts on “Diary entry 74

  1. Sister I wont help you console with words, as I doubt if they are always helpful to make one feel better. Sorry but thats me. But one thing that works for sure is prayer. So i pray to Almighty that your have a firm heart and peaceful mind, in this world and in next one. Please Sister pray for me too. 🙂

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