diary entry 73

Dear diary,

I’m done with my plastic surgery,which I probably forgot to tell you that I was going to go through.It was such a great experience.Enjoyed talking to doctors throughout the procedure under Local Anesthesia.Half of  my forehead is covered with stitches and plaster.I’m not allowed to wash my face,have to do the job with the help of a wet towel,carefully keeping the wound dry.The doctor prescribed antibiotic and painkillers.I’m just taking the antibiotics.Haven’t felt  any pain so I’m not taking painkillers.

Went to prize distribution ceremony of Tafheem Ul Qur’an academy today.Had great fun.Recited a nasheed there.Yup,m back on track.
Missed Alhuda badly!

Anyway,I have yet to offer my Isha Salah.

So,see you soon In Sha Allah,with some other details of my days.