Diary entry 70

Dear diary,

I know that I have officially become a person who would willingly starve her writer gene to death along with some other genes too. Before writing here, I must have asked myself a thousand times today:”Do I really need to write this?Do I really need to do it today?”

And,every time my inside would answer “Yes!”

My room has officially become a “battle field”,which I hate so much.Kenyan roommate is being stubborn and Pakistani one,a bitch.They don’t talk to each other,which by the way is fine with me because cold war is better than world war 3,or so I guess.But the next part of the situation-ugh!I hate it.Pakistani roomie wants me to cut off with Kenyan,that I’m not willing to do.So,she keeps on torturing me with her paranoid statements and tears.
*Somebody,get me out of here!!!*

I had a paper today,which went excellent Alhamdulillah! (thanks for asking).5 more to go.Had almost no sleep at night because my mind wont listen to me. Just when I tried to sleep,I heard a song that my roommate was listening to(i could hear it from my bed even though she had headphones on)and it started playing in my head.Now I don’t even remember which song it was.Anyway,as if that wasn’t enough,I had a very peculiar dream too.And to top it off,light went at 5,which,by the way,came back after 13 hours of ordeal.Yeah,my university is having major energy crisis.According to some girls,our transformer was being repaired the whole day today.I dunno if it’s just a rumor or a fact.Anyway,there’s been multiple strikes in both male and female campuses and those who had paper tomorrow,their paper has been postponed.Thank God!I didn’t have a paper tomorrow.Yeah,you must know by now that I hate it when papers take too long to end.And the light goes AGAIN!!!


I better go before I say something idiotic that I would regret.




2 thoughts on “Diary entry 70

  1. lol i knew it all well dear 😛
    but today u made me remember alott tat i had forgotten…
    feeling like missing or feeling like i should not had tat time 😦

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