Diary entry 67

Dear diary,

So much has happened since we I last spoke to you. I’ve missed you,as much as I’ve missed Islamabad. Yes,I went home. Just came back. Do you know what I missed the most? My university buses, instead of people of my university 🙂 Yup! I know, I don’t got any idea whats going on and why am I writing incorrect English. Anyway, when I was traveling, every bus that I passed, every green vehicle I saw, it reminded me of my university buses. And somewhere deep inside me, I wished it was my university bus. I think I’m totally in love with them!


Anyway,dear diary, every now and then, while traveling, I meet different kinds of people. Last time, my companion was a grumpy middle age lady. This time it was a university student. The funny part is, she was so sleepy, throughout the journey (I thought I was the sleepiest person to have ever walked this Earth :p ) Between reading Da Vinci Code (again but for my Anthropology assignment-don’t get me wrong here) and looking out the windscreen, I saw her head lolling back and forth. I touched her hand lightly, bringing her back to present, and told her that she can lean on my shoulder if she wants to sleep. But she soundlessly refused. I was trying to be nice-but we don’t want that now,do we?! Fine,suit yourself.

Anyway, the moment we entered Islamabad, I saw my university bus dropping off male students, but boy was I happy to see it (no, not because of it being a bus for males. Hey,I’m not that kinda girl!)

One thing I have to admit, when I’m walking from I-10 to my university I always remember that brother from my university who helped me once. I can’t help it 🙂
Oooh! one important development in my health case – the doctor says I don’t have bone problem. Its only stiffness in my hip muscle that’s bothering me from past several months. I am to have physiotherapy sessions for two weeks and eat lots of medicines for a whole month (Yup, my stomach might be dead by that time :-/ )

And I’m tired,wanna hit the bed. Hope tomorrow brings a good day for my aching body and mind.

Til next time,


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