Diary entry 69

Dear diary,

The whole past week has been peculiar and amazing.One of my fantasies came true.I walked with bare feet from Female campus gate to my hostel room,and loved it 🙂 yeah,I know it’s a weird fantasy.But hey,I have every right to think like a dork!

Anyway,I had to make the ad project for Mass Communication in one night and still the teacher and my whole class loved it! So,I guess it was a happy ending for me. Finals start on Tuesday.I hope they end well too,because I feel as if I’m not ready in the least for the finals.

We had a party with our Anthropology teacher that I’m so glad I didn’t miss.It was so fun!

Some bad things happened too,but why waste my time in describing them when so many happy moments came in to my life.

Anyway,its time for dinner.

Hope to come back soon,again



Diary entry 68

Dear diary,

Tonight’s one of those nights,that I wanna cry to the full of my heart.I want to be able to cry,openly but can’t.Don’t ask me the reason,because there’s none.And right now,my eyes are watering. I thought maybe if I let go of one or 2 tears,I’d feel better,well I don’t.I feel just like I felt before I started to cry,hiding behind my laptop,so my roommate wont see me.

Yes,I don’t understand myself most of the time,and this is not any different.I thought,writing would help.But I guess I have been wrong twice in one night.

I guess I should go any bury my sorry face in my fluffy pillow or hold my teddy in a tight hug or do whatever it takes to make myself comfortable again.

hope to visit soon



Diary entry 67

Dear diary,

So much has happened since we I last spoke to you. I’ve missed you,as much as I’ve missed Islamabad. Yes,I went home. Just came back. Do you know what I missed the most? My university buses, instead of people of my university 🙂 Yup! I know, I don’t got any idea whats going on and why am I writing incorrect English. Anyway, when I was traveling, every bus that I passed, every green vehicle I saw, it reminded me of my university buses. And somewhere deep inside me, I wished it was my university bus. I think I’m totally in love with them!


Anyway,dear diary, every now and then, while traveling, I meet different kinds of people. Last time, my companion was a grumpy middle age lady. This time it was a university student. The funny part is, she was so sleepy, throughout the journey (I thought I was the sleepiest person to have ever walked this Earth :p ) Between reading Da Vinci Code (again but for my Anthropology assignment-don’t get me wrong here) and looking out the windscreen, I saw her head lolling back and forth. I touched her hand lightly, bringing her back to present, and told her that she can lean on my shoulder if she wants to sleep. But she soundlessly refused. I was trying to be nice-but we don’t want that now,do we?! Fine,suit yourself.

Anyway, the moment we entered Islamabad, I saw my university bus dropping off male students, but boy was I happy to see it (no, not because of it being a bus for males. Hey,I’m not that kinda girl!)

One thing I have to admit, when I’m walking from I-10 to my university I always remember that brother from my university who helped me once. I can’t help it 🙂
Oooh! one important development in my health case – the doctor says I don’t have bone problem. Its only stiffness in my hip muscle that’s bothering me from past several months. I am to have physiotherapy sessions for two weeks and eat lots of medicines for a whole month (Yup, my stomach might be dead by that time :-/ )

And I’m tired,wanna hit the bed. Hope tomorrow brings a good day for my aching body and mind.

Til next time,