Diary entry 64

Dear diary,

I’ve been fighting with some guys from my university(via Facebook),for past two days. I don’t get it, if you don’t have the patience and courage to listen,why say things that would make others mad? I mean,you make someone mad,be sure they would do a counter attack. Is this so difficult to understand? And believe me, guys burn up very fast(at least the ones in my uni do). It’s as if they ain’t human beings but gasoline waiting for a spark to ignite ’em. Fortunately,or unfortunately for them, I happened to be that spark 😉
And you know me, I never give up when I’m right.
Anyway, it was fun. Many came and went.
And then there is this one more thing. They have such a twisted sense of reasoning. tell them one valid point, and they would take the discussion from tying your shoe laces towards climbing Mount Everest.
That’s all you can come up with?!
In such situations, I enjoy winning the arguments but I enjoy pissing them off more than any thing 😉

537225_495993270449992_393584958_nNo more comments for tonight :p

P.S:Guys this isn’t a general post. My subjects are strictly some of my university mates(and some others too :p )



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