Diary entry 60


Dear diary,


On the bus heading back to the University. The seminar was fun. The president spoke in Arabic and there was a translator present too. Even without Urdu translation I was able to understand a major portion of what he was trying to say. The topic was Qur’anic concept of Psychology. Loved the time spent there even though I was sleepy as hell.


I just wish people there were a bit more quiet and respectful for the person who was trying to talk to them. Yeah, that annoyed me a lot,the buzzing sound in the back ground first and then the voices grew louder as the time passed.


Right now we are speeding back towards University from where I’ll be going directly to Al Huda (In Sha Allah)


God! My brain feels like its been fried!!!


Gotta post this right now or I wont be able to post it until I reach Al-Huda.


Uni is near.


See ya again!





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