Diary entry 59

Dear diary,

I just had a major fall-put with my roommate and I rushed out to university. I’m in the class writing this now. I snapped, yeah. I’m not proud of myself for doing that. In fact, I feel bad because I might’ve hurt her. But seriously,ENOUGH’S ENOUGH!!!

Anyway, we have a seminar at Faisal Masjid auditorium today. Our university President from Saudi Arabia would be talking to us. And by US I mean Psychology department. Attendance is compulsory. But even if it wasn’t compulsory,I would go. Because He’d be talking in Arabic. I wanna be there when it happens. That’s what made my mood change from crappy to hopeful and delightful 🙂

The third person role that my roommates gave me, is back. Last night I once again tried to make peace between them before an actual fight happened. This is sick. If I’m not there to avoid the clash,there’s a possibility they would tear each other apart!

I better go.People are getting ready to go.

See ya!




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