Deception at its best

I wasn’t about to say anything about the topic until I saw this picture

indexAll that glitters is not Gold, I’ve been taught since I was a little lass. But people like me understand things better when they experience them. Not a healthy and wise move at times. It’s a dangerous territory and there are times of great achievements as well as the times when you just simply wanna kill someone. But there’s one thing I can’t deny: No matter how difficult that journey of self discovery is,no matter how painful it is sometimes,knowing the true faces of people around you(whom you come to love and care about); life is always teaching you.  At such occasions our heart might be torn,destroyed. Cursing the person, dying or killing someone might feel easier than enduring in silence but if we look at the bigger picture, difficulty is always followed by ease.

There’s this person,I can’t get out of my mind. With two completely different persona . . . . . . . .I’ve had firsthand experience of both.

Change of mind. I don’t wanna discuss this. Because it involves another person. And I’ve been re-reading stuff on backbiting.I can’t do it, I can’t bring myself to do it! Even though it concerns me, but I just can’t!!!

So before I go,just one thing:Be careful whom you talk to or make acquaintances with.Because appearances could be deceiving. Its better to be cautious than regret.




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